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During an interview with fellow-progressive intersectional feminists, Chelsea Clinton, was asked about the abortion debate and to no one's surprise, confirmed that she disagrees with... [Read More]
Chelsea was right about something. Another wave of hate was indeed unleashed. [Read More]
The former first daughter spoke during a Sirius XM radio show about her thoughts on Roe v. Wade. [Read More]
The premiere took place at the Museum of Modern Art, followed by an after party at the Rainbow Room. [Read More]
Fox's Tucker Carlson is naming names in his new book, "Ship of Fools." [Read More]
Chelsea Clinton says overturning Roe v. Wade would be "unchristian" and would harm women economically. By Michael Tennant... [Read More]
Great. [Read More]
Friday Follies: Chelsea Clinton faces backlash over comments on abortion; #MeToo hits CBS. [Read More]
Even as a person of faith, the former First Daughter is right to be concerned about the Supreme Court overturning abortion rights. [Read More]
She's right and I wish more people would talk like she does. For too long anti-women zealots have hijacked Christianity in support of subordination of... [Read More]
Chelsea Clinton angered many when she made a bizarre statement Thursday about who she considers to be acting in a Christian way, and who isn't.... [Read More]
Democrat protege pushes globalist depopulation agenda. [Read More]
Chelsea Clinton (Screenshot) "It's un-Christian" to oppose the abortion of unborn children, former First Daughter Chelsea Clinton declared this week at a SiriusXM Town Hall. [Read More]
It's becoming increasingly clear why Democrat daughter Chelsea Clinton is no longer a news analyst on television. At a "Rise Up for Roe" event recently,... [Read More]
Chelsea Clinton said it would be "unconscionable" to allow abortion to be illegal. [Read More]
Ex-president's daughter said she made her comments as a 'deeply religious person' — you've got to see this... [Read More]
Is anyone else getting the sense that maybe Chelsea Clinton doesn't know very much about Christianity? In the clip below, she sounds like she could... [Read More]
Chelsea Clinton argued Thursday that it would be "unchristian" to roll back abortion rights for women. [Read More]
Clinton stoked controversy during a town hall radio broadcast by framing her stance in support of Roe v. Wade as 'deeply religious.'... [Read More]