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New analysis of satellite data has revealed the atmospheric signature of seasonal shifts caused by climate change. [Read More]
Ann Barnard and Josh Haner have come out with an article on the threat to one of the world's iconic forests. Here's how it starts. ... [Read More]
To the editor: I am an avid reader of the Los Angeles Times, and I gravitate to the animal and critter stories because my elementary... [Read More]
Government has to deal with the problem, said the judge. With the Trump EPA, that's unlikely. [Read More]
Baltimore officials are expected to announce Friday a lawsuit against top oil and gas companies for their role in global climate change. Mayor Catherine... [Read More]
... Propose revisions to shoreline rules and regulations to incorporate sea level rise .... [Read More]
There is a natural tendency for government to go too far. Good intentions can quickly be subverted by a desire for control, for power, with... [Read More]
The New Zealand Defence Force is focusing on how to deal with the impacts of climate change, but some in the US navy do not... [Read More]
A growing taste for al fresco dining is driving record charcoal sales in the UK but is it also fuelling global deforestation and climate change? [Read More]
To hear President Trump and his former EPA administrator, Scott Pruitt, tell it, climate change is a fantasy. But many scientists and researchers disagree—and according... [Read More]
Climate change policies must be good for people as well as the planet, farming groups say. Both Federated Farmers and Horticulture New... [Read More]
The lawsuit claims the government has known for decades that carbon pollution causes climate change but has failed to curb greenhouse gas emissions. [Read More]
This weekend thousands of youth from around the country will descend on D.C. to demand, what they call, common sense legislation for climate change. [Read More]
It's the second time a court has ruled that courts are not the proper venue to settle disputes about climate change. [Read More]
Tree roots of an installation made up of individual trees and 500 Endless Summer Hydrangeas are seen in front of the U.S. Capitol building on... [Read More]
Federal judges continue to reject the efforts of private lawyers who hold a financial stake in lawsuits brought by government officials against the oil industry... [Read More]
Anthropogenic climate change has become clearly observable through many metrics. These include an increase in global annual temperatures, growing heat content of the oceans, and... [Read More]
Coral reefs are under intense pressure from anthropogenically induced climate warming and habitat destruction. It has been suggested that coral reefs in deeper waters may... [Read More]
The revisions have wide-reaching implications, including for how the federal government would protect species from climate change. [Read More]
Barnacle geese are accelerating their migration journeys and taking fewer rest stops along the way to cope with early Arctic springs caused by a warming... [Read More]