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This spring we've witnessed severe storms, heavy rainfall, and local flooding in the greater Roanoke area. Sadly, as extreme weather events like these continue to... [Read More]
Every now and then I re-visit these lines of the Canadian poet and songwriter, Leonard Cohen: Ring the bells that cannot ring Forget your perfect... [Read More]
people that have not yet visited the reef but know it exists... [Read More]
Dozens of city mayors from around the world -- including Washington, Berlin, Paris, Tokyo and Sydney -- on Monday called on G20 leaders to stick... [Read More]
It's gotten too darned hot lately to sleep without running the A-C. Of course, this means that now we're losing sleep over our electricity bill,... [Read More]
It's been two years in the making, but a student suing the government over climate change is to get her day in court. [Read More]
A student taking on the Government over climate change says it is important someone tackled the issue head-on. [Read More]
Auto makers unshaken by Trump's move on Paris accord ... [Read More]
On this edition for Sunday, June 25, President Donald Trump faces a test in the U.S. Senate as Republicans try to gather enough votes for... [Read More]
Entrepreneur and former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg plans to launch a $17 million contest to incentivize U.S. cities to bypass policymaking in Washington under... [Read More]
Eager to help local leaders bypass Washington, New York billionaire Michael Bloomberg's foundation is putting up more than $17 million for a new contest that... [Read More]
"But will it alter the grapes for my wine?" [Read More]
Republican businessman and billionaire Charles Koch thanked former Senate Majority Leader Harry ReidHarry ReidCharles Koch thanks Harry Reid for helping his book sales Warren cautions... [Read More]
Along the miles of coral reef off the Florida Keys, Stein and her fellow divers have found countless examples of this essential form of ocean... [Read More]
It's hard to get people on the same page when it comes to future of humanity... [Read More]
The decay is shaping up as one of the sharpest impacts of climate change in the U.S. [Read More]
Climate change ministry says temperatures in Pakistan will increase at a faster pace than rest of the globe in ... [Read More]
Individual daily heat records are being matched and shattered across the country and around the world. And new research predicts that by the year 2100, climate... [Read More]
Letters: Taking issue with writer's views on climate change. [Read More]
From travel to leisure time, climate change threatens to transform the way we live. [Read More]