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A congressional candidate in Florida has said that she was taken aboard a spaceship when she was seven years old. She does not mean at... [Read More]
The Balboa Theatre in San Francisco blends classic sci-fi movies, documentaries and UFO-centric guest speakers Saturday, Oct. 21, at the Space Visitors Film Fest. Well-known... [Read More]
Close Encounters With Music opens its 2017-18 season Saturday evening with 'The Titans: Schumann and Brahms Piano Quintets,' a pairing of Brahms' Piano Quintet in... [Read More]
The Smyth County Chamber of Commerce and the Saltville Public Library hosted the annual Boo Bash on Saturday. [Read More]
Denise Maples in Kempsville shared a beautiful photo of a juvenile Cooper's hawk that she was alerted to "after her birdfeeders fell silent," according to... [Read More]
Commentary: Bettina Rodriguez Aguilera, a Republican from Florida running for Congress, reveals her close encounters. [Read More]
Close Encounters of the Third Kind is 40 years old, which is a bit hard to believe, so this 'retro' 8-bit recreation of the seminal... [Read More]
The Fall Festival at Peek n' Peak brings as many as 15-thousand people to the resort each day of the event. With vendors, adoptable... [Read More]
This trailer reveals just how much bigger in scope season two will feel. We've long been promised that Stranger Things season two will boast more... [Read More]
A copperhead snake and an northern parula bird are also among the Close Encounters compiled by Mary Reid Barrow. [Read More]
"Don't get eaten by a bear!" my wife said to me as I left the house that morning. Don't get eaten by a... [Read More]
Screenshot/Instagram via sinatakkhall52 We don't know when nor where this was filmed, still the footage, reportedly shot from an Iranian Phantom's WSO (Weapons... [Read More]
Since the passing of my beloved old Chesapeake Bay retriever Duke, things aren't quite the same around the homefront. In fact, it's downright lonely, and... [Read More]
It's a developing trend for the Starkville Academy Lady Volunteer soccer team. After getting a 1-0 victory over Bayou Academy in the opening round of... [Read More]
For humans who've lived it, communing with extraterrestrials isn't a scary experience, and it can actually change lives for the better. [Read More]
'Stranger Things' continues is chilling advertising campaign with more classic homages, including 'Halloween' and 'Close Encounters.'... [Read More]
Ryan Gosling lost it as Kate McKinnon groped his butt during a reprisal of their 2015 "Close Encounters" sketch. [Read More]
A good reason now arrives for families to jump aboard the 4K bandwagon through the celebration of a classic sci-fi film directed by Steven Spielberg. [Read More]
Adam Scott and Craig Robinson have close encounters of the comic kind in this fun new Fox sitcom. [Read More]
The grizzly made headlines after several close encounters with humans near Canmore... [Read More]