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In late 2016, Colombia sealed a peace deal with the Revolutionary Armed Forces of Colombia, or FARC, a left-wing rebel group and major drug trafficker.... [Read More]
Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos Monday ordered an in-depth investigation after police reportedly chased off a human rights committee as the group was trying to... [Read More]
A deal signed on Friday by Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos marks a significant milestone in efforts to end political violence in South America as... [Read More]
On September 20th, Harvard Law School awarded the prestigious annual Great Negotiator award to Nobel Prize Winner, Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos, on behalf of... [Read More]
THE INTERVIEW : To mark the launch of its Spanish-language channel, based in Bogota, FRANCE 24 spoke to Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos. In a... [Read More]
Colombian President Juan Manuel Santos came to Harvard Law School on Sept. 20, to receive the "Great Negotiator Award," an honor bestowed by the Program... [Read More]
Thomson Reuters Amid heated discord between the United States and Colombia regarding surging drug production in the South American country, Colombian officials are... [Read More]
Venezuela says it's prepared to defend itself against aggression from U.S. and its allies as they ratchet up pressure on the government of President Nicolas... [Read More]