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On Monday, Nov. 20, 2000, my first weekly column appeared in the Greensburg Daily News and the Rushville Republican. Included in its content was the... [Read More]
Ten publishers passed over a thriller in which senior aides plot to kill the US president after he threatens to launch a nuclear war on... [Read More]
The season of death and dying is here. Autumn brings the end of the year, the... [Read More]
As I've said a few times over the years, I never know which "Histories & Mysteries" subjects are going to elicit the biggest reactions from... [Read More]
One of the most repulsive aspects of the Harvey Weinstein scandal — and, oh, so many to choose from — is the attempted medicalization of... [Read More]
Lenoir-Rhyne volleyball finally got back into the win column with a straight-set sweep of Francis Marion on Friday, according to a press release from the... [Read More]
Read Column: Hollywood's oldest horror story from The Daily Astorian... [Read More]
South Carolina has a drug problem, and many elected leaders have begun looking at how best to deal with it. [Read More]
It makes sense to rebuild Idaho Falls High School, which is inadequate for growth and upgrades, writes Matthew Traynor, MD. [Read More]
The United States men's soccer team lost to Trinidad and Tobago a week ago, knocking out any chance of the U.S. making the World Cup... [Read More]
Last Saturday evening was the opening performance for Giuseppe Verdi's Nabucco at the LA Opera. I've mentioned in my column before that opening night at... [Read More]
The guest column was submitted by Sue Elkins of Bloomington. [Read More]
A card arrived in the mail about five weeks ago. [Read More]
"Over Everything" except this album. [Read More]
A ssuming that you could force someone more than 6 feet tall, weighing 290 pounds and thoroughly muscled with an aggressive attitude to do something... [Read More]
I want to thank The Journal for having Kathy Yoder's weekly column on Fridays be a part of our newspaper. She has used her God-given... [Read More]
The 54th annual Frontier Bowl is Nov. 10, and the district's 2017 Hall of Fame inductees will be honored in a pre-game ceremony. [Read More]
At Texas A&M-San Antonio's Presidio Gallery downtown, you can explore the many cultures that make up our city's common heritage. Its grand opening is on... [Read More]
Feeling comfortable to be yourself is a key to success. [Read More]
Dear Mr. Dad: I read your column on grammar mistakes, and I honestly don't know what the big deal is. You're obviously an elitist snob,... [Read More]