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The start of a new legislative session is a humbling and special time for me. It provides a unique opportunity for elected officials to take... [Read More]
HALLIWELL-PUTIN/ (COLUMN):COLUMN-Putin can't afford to ditch the dollar... [Read More]
I live in the country with nothing but fields to the north and across the road. The first five neighbors to the south each owns... [Read More]
In the words of Lynn Arthur Steen, co-editor of the MAA's Mathematics Magazine with J. Arthur Seebach in 1976, when the original "Proofs Without Words"... [Read More]
Here are our predictions for engagements, babies, breakups, and more about Taylor Swift, Kylie Jenner, Travis Scott, Scott Disick, Sofia Richie, Khloe Kardashian, Tristan Thompson,... [Read More]
Readers react to a column by Frank Bruni that argued that the media's mistakes and its "appetite for antics versus substance" helped elect Mr. Trump. [Read More]
My uncle Reynaldo's adventures leaving Glencoe, New Mexico in Lincoln County and traveling to Texas were noted in 2018 in the Dec. 26 Historical Potpourri... [Read More]
"Blackish" has never shied away from serious topics, but Tuesday night's episode about colorism marked a particularly weighty moment for the ABC sitcom. Spike Lee... [Read More]
This is a column about some black people. Not all, thank goodness. Not even most. [Read More]
The Bulls have lost eight straight. As of Wednesday morning, they own the league's second-worst record and second-worst point differential. Tank you very much for... [Read More]
Susan Glasser, staff writer at The New Yorker who writes the weekly online column, Letter from Trump's Washington, discusses the latest political headlines, including Secretary... [Read More]
What does the trash mean?Middleton resident Sandy Rubchinuk asks a great question in her column this week. She collected and catalogued the trash she found... [Read More]
Senate committees aren't exactly the hottest topic to write about in state government, but it's incredibly important for our work as legislators. Most Senate committee... [Read More]
Today's column addresses potential effects of early filing, the availability of spousal benefits, the availability of divorced spousal benefits and what can invoke the Windfall... [Read More]
Milton Friedman once observed that "nothing is so permanent as a temporary government program." To be sure, spending bills or regulations initially sold as limited... [Read More]
Marty Brennaman talked with columnist Paul Daugherty about his last season in the booth for the Cincinnati Reds. Here's what he had to say.      ... [Read More]
For 16-plus years, Suzan Bellincampi has written a nature column every week, and she'll lead a Nature Writing Workshop at the Chilmark library on Wednesday,... [Read More]
This column originally ran on Jan. 26, 2011. Enjoy this oldie-but-goodie while Carol is out sick. [Read More]
Two boys basketball conferences, two girls basketball conferences. Three conference leaders, and two teams tied atop the only other race in the loss column, a... [Read More]