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The expanding enormousness of television and the pots of money being poured into it have created a new climate of possibility: The defining feature of... [Read More]
The main characters in 'Comrade Detective' play enforcers for tyranny, but you cannot distinguish their lines from those of latter-day irate progressives. [Read More]
A navy recruit has left the armed forces after his colleagues used marker pens to cover his body in swastikas.Jamie Whitnall, 23, has described how... [Read More]
Channing Tatum is having a hoot here, pretending he unearthed this six-part 1980s series from Romania. [Read More]
Members of the Syrian Democratic Forces rear guard while their comrade advances toward Islamic State's position in Hisham Bin Abdelmalik, a district of Raqqa, Syria... [Read More]
#45 favors the Russians! They cut our payroll!! Comrade Trump likes our Enemy more than our country!! Now what, President Putin takes over?? [Read More]
"Step Up" turns 11! At the "Comrade Detective" junket, Channing Tatum talks with Access Hollywood's Alex Hudgens about the film that made him a movie... [Read More]
Entertaining Entertainment News... [Read More]
Until the election. [Read More]
Members of the community gathered at Bakersfield Police Department headquarters downtown Wednesday night to light a candle for Sgt. Dennis Moore, a 20-year veteran of... [Read More]
There will still be an America after Trump. Our existence is not in doubt. But the nature of our existence—and, more importantly, the reason for... [Read More]
A poignant tribute to a fallen logger headed out from Litchfield on Wednesday. [Read More]
Paul Stegall and Bob Baumer served together in many battles in World War Two... [Read More]
Marine veteran Jeff DeYoung of Muskegon, Mich., and his military service dog Cena went through war together. First, the pair served together in Afghanistan,... [Read More]
If you're looking for more Cold War action after 'Comrade Detective,' check out 'Chuck Norris vs. Communism' on Netflix. [Read More]
Think of the 1980s and what comes to mind? Big hair, perms and fashion with a dubious focus on fluorescent often spring to mind. But... [Read More]
Last week, we got an excellent look at Zazie Beetz in action as Deadpool 2's probability-altering mutant mercenary Domino. Now, after months of teasing, we... [Read More]
A mysterious show from 1980s Soviet Romania has been found, remastered and dubbed by actor Channing Tatum - or has it? [Read More]
I spent much of my Friday binge-watching Comrade Detective, a show that resists genre, but is perfect in its oddity. Released on August 3, Amazon... [Read More]
Comrade Vlad is enjoying a much deserved break from liberal democracy undermining this week at beautiful Lake Baikal in noted tourist destination Southern Siberia. Ever... [Read More]