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Using a comparison to "concentration camps" that some Jewish groups consider offensive, some others are embracing the term to take action against the immigration detention... [Read More]
Last Friday, I attended one of the hundreds of Lights for Liberty candlelight vigils that took place across the United States and in many other... [Read More]
The current U.S. president is often compared to Nazis. From those opposing abuse of asylum seekers and immigrant children, we hear the slogan "never again,"... [Read More]
As a mother, I am horrified at the conditions in the concentration camps and terrified of the callous responses by many Americans. We would not... [Read More]
Federal workers toting takeout containers and ID badges were met Tuesday by dozens of protesters, arms linked and blocking the doors to the Immigration and... [Read More]
President Donald Trump defended the conditions of U.S. border facilities on July 16, saying that the immigrant detention centers at the southern border are "not concentration camps,"... [Read More]
It did not escape my notice that in preparing the morning diary, I was turning to a man who had people locked up in concentration... [Read More]
I know what concentration camps are, George Takei, the actor-activist turned social media rock star, tweeted last month to his nearly 3 million... [Read More]
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Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell (R-KY) on Tuesday refused to condemn the President of the United States for sending racist tweets in which he told... [Read More]
Top Democrats exploiting illegal immigration crisis for political gain... [Read More]
Donald Trump denied Tuesday that immigration detention centers at the border are essentially 'concentration camps,' in a slap back to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez. [Read More]
One lawmaker says the United States is operating concentration camps. Two other newcomers to the Democratic House caucus routinely make anti-Semitic statements. And a fourth... [Read More]
After seeing the photos of the Waffen SS VPOTUS and Senate delegation observing the  specimens people in the concentration camps, I was overwhelmed, saddened, angered,... [Read More]
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell held a brief press conference Tuesday afternoon and addressed President Trump's controversial tweets telling progressive Congresswomen to "go home." McConnell... [Read More]
In a three-page document, Willem Van Spronsen cited popular left-wing historian Howard Zinn, said that "i am antifa," criticized the Electoral College and accused the... [Read More]
How many immigrant children have to die?Ruth Beltran, of Answer Suncoast, spoke Friday night at the Lights for Liberty candlelight vigil held on the Bayfront... [Read More]
'Are the border facilities concentration camps' is the wrong question; instead ask: 'Does our treatment of the people there reflect our values?'... [Read More]
A self-described Antifa terrorist who was shot dead at a Tacoma, Washington Immigration and Customs Enforcement building left behind a manifesto about his suicide mission... [Read More]