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The team's new deal with Paisano's was made before embattled Papa John's founder John Schnatter admitted this month to using the n-word during a conference... [Read More]
The Utah Jazz have notified Papa John's Pizza of their intent to end their relationship with the company, The Salt Lake Tribune learned Thursday afternoon.... [Read More]
Jul 20, 2018--PJT Partners Inc. ("PJT Partners") (NYSE:PJT) announced that it expects to release its second quarter 2018 financial results on Tuesday morning, July 31,... [Read More]
Bennett Raglin/Getty Images for Room To Read Amy Powell, head of Paramount Television since 2013, was fired after complaints about something she said... [Read More]
Chairman Randy Sims... [Read More]
A source close to the situation said Paramount's investigation found that Powell made statements about black women being angry for various reasons during a conference... [Read More]
The second and third quarter conference call cannot come soon enough. The distribution is not in danger for this year. Next year completed capital projects... [Read More]
Executive Vice President; Chief Operating Off... [Read More]
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