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Despite taking place amidst rampant corruption, rising crime and inequality, and a looming financial crisis, the election was defined by the issue of same-sex marriage. [Read More]
Leaders in the regenerative medicine field will gather in Costa Rica this month for the second annual International Regenerative Medicine Conference. The scientific program... [Read More]
Dog sanctuary in Costa Rica gives stray dogs a chance to live out the rest of their days in a place of love.        ... [Read More]
The chief executive officer of Walmart Inc. ... [Read More]
Hundreds of unidentified cephalopods were found nursing their eggs near a deep-sea vent... [Read More]
Costa Rica went through some shit during their 2018 general election earlier this year—the conservative party Partido Restauración Nacional (National Restoration Party) literally ran on... [Read More]
A group of geochemists has announced the discovery of dozens of weird deep-sea octopuses — pink, dinner-plate-sized creatures that had massive eyes and were guarding... [Read More]
Composer Andrew Lockington took a decidedly international approach to his music for the Dwayne Johnson actioner "Rampage," including traveling to Costa Rica to record the... [Read More]
Almost two miles below the surface of the Pacific Ocean, on a lonely outcrop of bare rock 100 miles from Costa Rica, researchers on a... [Read More]
A group of more than 100 octopus "moms" and their eggs were found clustered about 2 miles below the ocean's surface off the Pacific coast of... [Read More]
Listeria costaricensis is the official name given to the new bacterial species just described by investigators. [Read More]
EXCLUSIVE: The Tribeca Film Institute (TFI) is supporting 16 new feature projects from Latin America and the Caribbean. 12 will receive grants, each worth up... [Read More]