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Photo Illustration by Elizabeth Brockway/The Daily Beast The rationale behind the most controversial tactic in America's global war on terrorism—targeted killing of "high value" individuals—goes... [Read More]
I was impressed when I attended Akron City Council's May 14 meeting: Council actually listened to the beekeepers who pointed out the flaws in the... [Read More]
Minneapolis is raising the age for legally buying tobacco products to 21. The Minneapolis City Council voted unanimously Friday to raise the... [Read More]
A policy that reimburses downtown property owners for sidewalk repairs might soon be extended to the entire city. [Read More]
The National Security Council confirmed that lines of communication with North Korea are back open, and the possibility of a summit is back in play.... [Read More]
After the recent resignation of Madrid's former mayor, Dirk Ringgenberg, Kurt Kruse will fill the position moving forward.Kruse, who originally served as the Ward 2... [Read More]
News4 has learned that new legislation is being proposed to make sure the Bird scooters are safe for everyone that uses them in Nashville. [Read More]
UNITED NATIONS: The United Nations Security Council has adopted a resolution condemning the starving of civilians as a method of warfare as well as the... [Read More]
Republican Lorie Zapf is facing several challengers, including three well-funded Democrats, in her campaign for re-election in San Diego City Council District 2, which includes... [Read More]
Salt Lake City Mayor Jackie Biskupski, among the state's most prominent openly gay leaders, received a civil rights award for her work advancing equality. The... [Read More]
Newly-elected Nashville Mayor David Briley will stay around to push forward his status quo budget and some Metro Councilmembers are talking about raising property taxes... [Read More]
The Metropolitan Council for Educational Opportunity has enlisted new leadership for its program, who happens to be a METCO Mom. [Read More]
Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel got what he wanted: a green light from the city council to move forward on the 95 million dollar police and... [Read More]
Some Austin residents are preparing to file a lawsuit against the city after the City Council voted Thursday not to put an ordinance on the... [Read More]
Despite protests at City Hall, a controversial plan to build a new police and fire academy moved forward. [Read More]
Just as City Council looks for options to fund city schools, the Kenney administration has released a study that essentially tries to dissuade Council from... [Read More]
The City Council will get to vote Friday on Mayor Rahm Emanuel's plan to fund a controversial West Side police academy, after a judge denied... [Read More]
The Chicago City Council has voted to approve construction of a training academy for police officers and firefighters on the city's West Side. [Read More]
Town Moderator Jim Pistrang gaveled the final annual Town Meeting to a close this week and as longtime participants look ahead to a new Town... [Read More]
Passed on Thursday night in a narrow 13 to 11 vote, the healthier meals ordinance will require restaurants to put healthy options in kids meals... [Read More]