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The nation does worry that's its dominance in cross-country, a sport linked to its national identity, is limiting growth of the sport in other countries... [Read More]
By HAMID KHAN WAZIRISLAMABAD: Owing to the fast-deteriorating relations between Pakistan and Afghanistan, bilateral trade between the two countries has witnessed a drastic decline from... [Read More]
Kids for Peace works with more than 10 million students in 122 countries to promote leadership, community service, and kindness. [Read More]
Google launched the Go Go app in India last year. Is a new application developed from scratch for users in markets where the internet is... [Read More]
For Trump and his majoritarian cronies, it's about propping up "besieged majorities" in multiethnic countries. [Read More]
What are the countries with the strictest weed laws? [Read More]
Delegates traveled from 49 states and 36 countries, including from as far away as China, for the celebration of Jewish teen spirit, listening and learning... [Read More]
Day of Prayer is March 2MONMOUTH — World Day of Prayer, sponsored by Church Women United, Monmouth and Vicinity, will be at 1:30 p.m. March... [Read More]
Crowds lined up to see Billy Graham's funeral motorcade bring his casket from Asheville to Charlotte on Saturday. The motorcade left Asheville at about 11... [Read More]
A battle of guality vs. quantity. [Read More]
Estonia on Saturday celebrated 100 years since declaring independence with a military parade and other festivities in the Baltic state, which is now firmly ensconced... [Read More]
If you've had the sneaking suspicion over the past year that the world is going to hell, you're not alone. Amnesty International's 2017-2018 State of... [Read More]
The Financial Action Task Force (FATF), in a report issued yesterday, named nine countries with "strategic deficiencies," including Iraq, Syria, Yemen and Tunisia. Pakistan escaped... [Read More]
In the United States, a typical school lunch might consist of chicken, a whole-grain roll, and salad. But in France, students' plates might instead be... [Read More]
After the Olympic torch has been extinguished, host countries of the competition are often left with the newly constructed stadiums, ski runs, pools and housing... [Read More]
Kolleeta Seeley has seen the four corners of the world. The retired teacher moved to The Villages in 2006 after traveling to 116 countries and... [Read More]
As the threat of school shootings seems to loom larger than ever before, many students, including myself, now have a constant sense of fear in... [Read More]
President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan will pay a five-day official visit to four African countries starting Feb. 26, the presidential office said on Feb. 24. ... [Read More]
who thrust herself across the finish line to give the Americans a dazzling gold medal in the cross-country team sprint... [Read More]
Germany Gives Diesel Cars Stay on Execution ... [Read More]