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Details about Texas sports reporter Courtney Roland's disappearance came to light this week after the 29-year-old was found safe by police. Roland, who was reported missing... [Read More]
Sports reporter Courtney Roland went missing over the weekend and was later found under a highway overpass. [Read More]
Roland reportedly "seemed pretty confused about everything" when she was found by police on Monday. [Read More]
When Courtney Roland, a sports journalist, was found after she went missing over the weekend, officials recalled what she had told them. "When our people... [Read More]
A Texas reporter found safe after being reported missing over the weekend may have had a bad reaction to medications she was taking,... [Read More]
A sports journalist who was found after she went missing over the weekend told police officers that she had a severe reaction to medication that... [Read More]
Courtney Roland disappeared on Saturday night. [Read More]
Houston sports reporter Courtney Roland was reported missing this past Sunday morning, after she allegedly took strong medication that got her "confused." The day before,... [Read More]
The disappearance of Courtney Roland caused alarm after she sent nonsensical texts to her mother and her roommate called police... [Read More]
Police said Monday that 29-year-old Courtney Roland suffered memory loss as a result of her reaction to the medication and she's continuing to be evaluated... [Read More]
The whereabouts of Courtney Roland, a college football reporter covering a Texas A&M football camp in Houston, seemed scary and suspicious this weekend. [Read More]
Local journalist and Texas A&M graduate Courtney Roland was found unharmed in Houston after being feared missing over the weekend. [Read More]
Courtney Roland, 29, was found Monday morning underneath a highway overpass in Houston. [Read More]
Houston police have reportedly located Courtney Roland, a reporter for Rivals' Texas A&M site, who went missing on Sunday. The Houston PD says they... [Read More]
According to Houston police, Roland said she was extremely confused on account of her medication and could not tell officers where she had been. [Read More]
Courtney Roland, 29, disappeared on Saturday and was found by Houston, Texas police on Monday morning. Police say medication she was taking may have caused... [Read More]
Courtney Roland is a sports reporter who went missing this past weekend and was found safe Monday morning. [Read More]
Sports Reporter Courtney Roland Found Under Freeway Overpass After Disappearing... [Read More]
Houston police say a sports journalist who was found after she went missing over the weekend told officers she had a severe reaction to medication... [Read More]
Courtney Roland has been missing since Sunday around 5:40 p.m. and was last seen walking alone in a store in the mall... [Read More]