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Four people serving life in prison for crimes committed while they were juveniles are appealing and the outcome might affect Patrick Peter Herrera, who's serving... [Read More]
A rally in support of the victims of sexual crimes will take place in Sweden's capital Stockholm on Sunday under the motto "We believe in... [Read More]
A Merrill man with a history of property crimes has been arrested for allegedly stealing Native American artifacts from a gravesite in 2016, as well... [Read More]
Whistleblower Chelsea Manning, jailed for leaking classified information, is seeking election to the US Senate in the state of Maryland, a document seen on Saturday... [Read More]
Detectives have arrested a man in connection to a fatal shooting in the 3700 block of North Wallace Avenue. Police say they arrested 41-year-old Toby... [Read More]
The myriad threats that shadow life on the street sometimes drive one woman to seek shelter inside a porta-potty. [Read More]
Every homicide is a community tragedy. But the Omaha Police Department and the witnesses who stepped forward to help solve and prevent crimes deserve a... [Read More]
Four Marion County defendants entered plea deals while the State Attorney's Office announced it would not pursue charges against another four. Those who took deals... [Read More]
Gene Lyons thinks Trump's collusion denials are wearing thin (Thursday's Sun column). Well Gene, the rest of us think 18 months of baseless accusations against... [Read More]
The numbers may not be overwhelming, but the symbolism is striking. Since 2010, according to an analysis by The Associated Press, almost 6,000 firearms were... [Read More]
A West Virginia man accused in Huntington of sexually abusing a juvenile family member over a two-year period has asked for his case to be... [Read More]
Ocean Beach residents who are fed up with recent acts of arson and vandalism are teaming up to put a stop to the crimes. [Read More]
Two men who spent years on death row for crimes they did not commit hope to sway change when it comes to the death penalty... [Read More]
The number of offenders who are suspected of committing crimes after being released from prison early has ballooned, raising fresh fears over the imminent rele... [Read More]
Clayton County Police release video of men they describe as suspects in a string of 22 robberies by snatching of phones and purses. [Read More]
Similarities between an attempted robbery and a robbery less than an hour later suggest both crimes may have been committed by the same person. [Read More]
Major Crimes detectives were on the scene of a gas station robbery in Spokane Valley that sent the clerk to the hospital Saturday morning. Police... [Read More]
Police in Guatemala arrested a ruling party lawmaker Saturday for involvement in plotting a 2015 killing of journalists.Julio Juarez, of the FCN-Nacion party, was arrested... [Read More]
The street value of the drugs is estimated at between $47,000.00 and $65,000.00. [Read More]
OUR country's greatness stems from our deep-rooted sense of justice and fair play, and our justice system is among the oldest and most sophisticated in... [Read More]