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But first contribute to a crowdfunding campaign for homeschooling... [Read More]
Crowdfunding for medical bills has become a go-to way for some Americans to avoid falling into debt. [Read More]
A crowdfunding campaign has been set up to help a West Riverside woman who lost everything in a sudden and catastrophic house fire last week. [Read More]
An attorney for the family of Army veteran Ricky Best, who was killed on a Portland train, argued his clients should receive most of the... [Read More]
Kristy Clark taught in the Hancock County School District on the Mississippi Gulf Coast for 15 years, but she decided to stop teaching in the... [Read More]
Netizens were up in arms, calling out the parents for their gender discrimination, saying that their actions were "illegal", deeming it a form of human trafficking..... [Read More]
The leftist late-night host is no fan of the GoFundMe page when there are cancer patients on the same site asking for money... [Read More]
Local independent filmmaker Emily Cohen Ibañez and her team have recently launched an online crowdfunding campaign in order to garner support for their latest documentary... [Read More]
There was once a time when we all feared that hyper-intuitive artificial intelligence and robots might one day pose a threat to humanity, but to... [Read More]
Residents and visitors to downtown Rushville will soon see a bright new marquee sign outside the soon-to-open City Center, thanks to a recently launched crowdfunding... [Read More]
Developers are using the crowdfunding website "Small Change" to help pay for the project. As of Thursday, the project had raised $191,000.        ... [Read More]
Book People, an independent book shop that turned to a crowd-funding campaign to renovate and modernize its store in order to remain in business, will... [Read More]
Cycling campaigners are crowdfunding a bike for Dublin's lord mayor after his official car was photographed parked in a cycling lane.It comes after Nial Ring... [Read More]
Kitfox Games announced Boyfriend Dungeon last year with a vague teaser but a promising idea: a dungeon-crawling dating sim where you romance your weapons to... [Read More]
The IRS rules on crowdfunding are nebulous, but the onus is on him to prove the donations were 'pure generosity.'... [Read More]
A couple in southwestern China had a crowdfunding campaign to pay for their four-year-old son's leukaemia treatment frozen after provoking complaints for appearing to offer... [Read More]
A Spelman College freshman doesn't have enough money for college. Here's what happened when her mom asked strangers for help. [Read More]
Lu Pengyinuo, six, has been in hospital for a year, and his grandparents have used all their savings to pay his bills. Desperate to keep... [Read More]
A crowdfunding campaign raised enough money for the eSight glasses and Tuesday, Shea Busby's friend, who is also legally blind, surprised her with the glasses. [Read More]
A successful crowdfunding effort came together just in time for Texas teen who is legally blind to be able to see as she heads back... [Read More]