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Saudi women's rights activist Malak al-Shehrifled to the United States a year ago amid a wave of arrests of other women who had advocated the... [Read More]
Saudi crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman and Gen Mohammed Hamdan Dagalo held talks in Jeddah... [Read More]
Donald Trump calls PM Narendra Modi, congratulates him on landslide victory. Donald Trump called up PM Narendra Modi on Friday and congratulated him on sweeping... [Read More]
Official Q Anon bootlicker Dave Hayes says that the massive arrests will begin soon and will be modeled after the crackdown in Saudi Arabia by... [Read More]
Kushner has drawn widespread criticism for their refusal to stand up to Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman... [Read More]
Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed Bin Salman met the deputy head of Sudan's transitional military council who is visiting Saudi Arabia, Saudi Press Agency said early... [Read More]
Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman has meet with the Deputy Head of Sudan's Transitional Military Council in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia, Reuters reported citing Saudi... [Read More]
A Pakistani official says the much-anticipated Saudi oil will start flowing to Islamabad as of July, with payments deferred for three years. Abdul Hafeez... [Read More]
More than six months after Saudi government agents brutally murdered Washington Post contributing columnist Jamal Khashoggi, the Trump administration has yet to publicly reveal what... [Read More]