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This month the Tralee Crisis Center has been preparing to provide Harvest Baskets to those in need. With the cut-off date for donations being this... [Read More]
The cut off for the famous 100km is 48 hours, and runners at the 40km mark now will certainly be facing another night out in... [Read More]
Stop all the clocks, cut off Tinder. Cuffing season is dead and gone, and it's Ariana Grande who killed it. The time for finding someone... [Read More]
France, the United States, Saigon, Hanoi and the Viet Cong... [Read More]
She was of frantically trying to find the place that they would soon call home. After nearly two weeks, one dark and starless night... [Read More]
A secluded neighborhood is now a little bit closer to the rest of Kingsland. [Read More]
It takes a village—or a billionaire yachtsman and a team of surfers. [Read More]
AJ Stuntz isn't just doing crazy motorcycle jumps, the 10-year-old is also giving a whole lot of himself to give back to his community. He... [Read More]
Ariana with short hair is coming to SHAKE THE TABLE. [Read More]
Ariana Grande has cut off her famous ponytail. She shared a captionless photo to Instagram on Thursday which appears to show a bob haircut. The... [Read More]
The restoration of 140 acres of saltwater wetlands in Woolwich are on the table as the town and the Maine Department of Transportation consider projects... [Read More]
A priest at Our Lady of Guadalupe Church is worried the potential border wall will cut off a chapel used as a place of worship. ... [Read More]
Hannity Radio Show Recap: Nov 15 3PM is the deadline for Florida in the vote recount. Some counties have already said they... [Read More]
Some companies in Savannah are at odds with city leaders over after-dark tours. There's a proposal to set a 10-pm cut-off time for... [Read More]
President Donald Trump wants to cut off financial assistance to millions of Americans in Puerto Rico who are recovering from the devastation left... [Read More]
Myron William Ernst, 60, has been on the run since September when, according to federal documents, he cut off his electronic monitoring device while... [Read More]
House Speaker Ryan Smith gaveled down state Rep. Stephanie Howse and ordered a vote on a controversial "stand your ground" bill as the Cleveland Democrat... [Read More]
A day that Floridians hoped would bring closure to some vote recounts received an early shot of uncertainty with a federal judge extending one deadline... [Read More]
In California, at least eight more deaths have been reported from the Northern California Camp Fire—already the deadliest wildfire in the state's history—with close to... [Read More]
The queen eats bananas with a knife and fork, according to a former royal chef. She prefers this technique so she doesn't look "like a... [Read More]