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So earlier this year, we came across some job listings over at WB Montreal, suggesting that the studio behind Batman: Arkham Origins was returning to... [Read More]
The new DC Universe offers a mix of old blockbusters and intriguing retro offerings. [Read More]
A senior game designer at WB Montreal has admitted that he's working on a major new DC Universe game but won't say for what character. [Read More]
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Lex Luthor will actually be involved in the latter half of season 4 of Supergirl. What will the most devious mind in the DC universe... [Read More]
DC Universe Online is one of the most successful MMOs out there. It helped paved the way for console MMOs and continues to have a... [Read More]
Being Batman's No. 2 was never a part of the actor's deal to come aboard DC Universe's first live-action show. [Read More]
It is already known that Henry Cavill will no longer be playing the role of Superman in the DC franchise. However, rumour has it that... [Read More]
Dick Grayson, AKA Robin, will play a role in DC Universe's Titans series. Geoff Johns explains how much. [Read More]
DC Universe's "Titans" blurs the line between brutality and justice, and opens the door to supernatural questions. [Read More]
The series, from the Greg Berlanti superhero machine, stars Brenton Thwaites as Dick Grayson (aka Robin). [Read More]
As DC Universe's signature series "Titans" introduces a dramatically different Boy Wonder, we look back at Robin's onscreen history. [Read More]
The first show from DC's new streaming service is a serious, and decidedly adult, adaptation of a comic-book series known for teenage sidekicks. [Read More]
The new DC Universe series "Titans" is kicking off with a major bang after the caped crusader's trusty sidekick Robin sent comic book fans into... [Read More]
Titans is coming to the DC Universe streaming service, and the new series is promising a lot of practical effects. [Read More]
As in the DC films, "Titans" can't crack a joke to save its life. The humorless scripts are full of brooding emotions, deep-set sexism, and... [Read More]
When DC Comics announced its new streaming service and online comics outlet, DC Universe, much of the attention went to a planned new season of... [Read More]
After being fired by Disney earlier this year, the man behind the "Guardians of the Galaxy" franchise has jumped from Disney-owned Marvel to the DC... [Read More]
In the new live-action show for DC Universe, Titans, the actor playing Robin reveals that Dick Grayson learned his killer ways from his mentor... [Read More]