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President Donald Trump would sign the Graham-Cassidy bill if the legislation to repeal Obamacare makes it to his desk, an administration official told CNN Tuesday. [Read More]
As Gov. Chris Christie waits for President Donald Trump to declare the opioid epidemic a national emergency, he announced Tuesday that he'll spend another $200... [Read More]
Sen. Dianne Feinstein issued a statement Monday in response to President Donald Trump's retweeting a video showing Trump knocking Hillary Clinton in the head with... [Read More]
Emmanuel Macron has said the landmark Paris climate deal will not be renegotiated, after White House officials suggested Donald Trump could remain a signatory of... [Read More]
French President Emmanuel Macron says he isn't about to quit trying to convince President Donald Trump to reverse himself on his decision to exit the... [Read More]
President Donald Trump, in his first speech before the United Nations, sent a message that basically said you're either with us -- or you... [Read More]
The Senate Intelligence Committee canceled a meeting Tuesday with Donald Trump's longtime personal lawyer, Michael Cohen, because he too suffers from the same loose-lips syndrome that's been... [Read More]
Before he was a fully grown blight on humanity, Donald Trump was born and raised in the Jamaica Queens section of New York City. In March,... [Read More]
President Donald Trump is embracing a new nickname, calling North Korean leader Kim Jong Un "Rocket Man." It is an apparent reference to the Elton... [Read More]
President Donald Trump has singled out Venezuela during a speech to the U.N. as a threat to democratic principles alongside North Korea, Iran and Syria.... [Read More]
Donald Trump is technically no longer in charge of overseeing his own lavish properties—but that hasn't stopped him from regularly checking up on them as... [Read More]
Nary a day goes by in the American news cycle without coverage of some sort of Donald Trump-related protest. From the Women's March to his…... [Read More]
Journalists were quick to react on social media to President Donald Trump's first speech to the the United Nations General Assembly on Tuesday, with many... [Read More]
And along the way, he threatens to "totally destroy" North Korea. NEW YORK — In his maiden speech at the United Nations General Assembly on... [Read More]
Salon's Chauncey DeVega has an interesting interview with the director of the Einstein Forum, who is also a former philosophy professor at Yale University and Tel... [Read More]
North Korea's delegation to the United Nations was in no mood to listen to President Donald Trump. [Read More]
Backs Donald Trump's efforts to reform the world body, says it should keep pace with change... [Read More]
US president Donald Trump spoke for the first time at the UN General Assembly this morning, giving a bombastic address reiterating his "America First" message…... [Read More]
In the weeks before his first U.N. General Assembly speech, President Trump has allegedly gotten a quick study from his advisers on America's role as... [Read More]
US President Donald Trump's stern speech at United Nations General Assembly ended with no mention of Pakistan; he focused on North Korea, Iran, Iraq and... [Read More]