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The neo-Nazi Daily Stormer site, chased off the internet in the wake of Charlottesville, has found a company willing to host it in Iceland. [Read More]
Andrew Anglin, infamous founder of the neo-Nazi Daily Stormer website and the subject of a lawsuit alleging he unleashed an anti-Semitic "terror campaign" on a... [Read More]
Lawyers have been unable to find Anglin for five months. [Read More]
Social network, known as an anything-goes haven for the far-right, is seeing blowback from the past month's online white supremacist crackdown. CEO Andrew Torba... [Read More]
The owner of a neo-Nazi website that attacked a Charlottesville victim once registered to vote at a fake Ohio address. Andrew Anglin, 33, of Worthington,... [Read More]
Before the death of Heather Heyer in Charlottesville, Virginia, the Daily Stormer - a neo-Nazi website involved in organizing the white supremacist rally that led... [Read More]
The Daily Stormer owner likely has not lived in Ohio for months. He has voted as an Ohio resident only once -- in the 2016... [Read More]
BEFORE THE death of Heather Heyer in Charlottesville, the Daily Stormer — a neo-Nazi website involved in organizing the white supremacist rally that led to... [Read More]
Action by technology companies and hacking group Anonymous removes neo-Nazi site from open web, while social media steps up anti-hate actions... [Read More]
Social networking companies have started the crackdown on hate groups, while companies such as Google and GoDaddy have de-registered the domains of racist websites such... [Read More]
Following the Charlottesville attack which highlighted the surge of violence among the white nationalist groups in America, tech companies are looking at the ramifications of... [Read More]
Andrew Anglin, whose viral blog post on killing of Heather Heyer suggested she was 'a drain on society', says he has since been inundated with... [Read More]
After being booted from multiple domain registrars, neo-Nazi media outlet The Daily Stormer (TDS) has found a new home on the dark web. [Read More]
I'm really enjoying watching the trickling demise of the Daily Stormer. Named after a Nazi propaganda sheet, Der Sturmer, the Storm is over.  From its... [Read More]
GoDaddy cut ties with neo-Nazi website the Daily Stormer after it published an article criticizing Heather Heyer, the victim of a car attack in Charlottesville,... [Read More]
The Daily Stormer, Vanguard America, and are among the defendants. [Read More]
Most people I talk to think that Facebook, Twitter, and other social media companies should take down ugly-but-legal user speech. Platforms are generally applauded for... [Read More]
First, GoDaddy kicked the neo-Nazi blog The Daily Stormer from its domain-name registry. Then, right after the site appeared to stage a fake hack by... [Read More]
The site can only be accessed by using an anonymizing browser such as Tor        ... [Read More]
After being shutdown by Google and GoDaddy, prominent neo-Nazi website The Daily Stormer has moved their site to the dark web. "The new site is... [Read More]