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My husband and I attended the movie "Our Darkest Hour" recently one afternoon. There were less than a dozen people there, mostly seniors from the... [Read More]
Recently, the Daily Sun published a letter from one Mr. Donald Young. He related that he'd seen the movie "The Darkest Hour," and was inspired... [Read More]
Kristin Scott Thomas as Clemmie Churchill brings welcome light to Joe Wright's biopic of our feted wartime leader... [Read More]
Behind the scenes, I can reveal that the 45-year-old Londoner, pictured, has split from his wife of seven years, glamorous Indian musician Anoushka Shankar, pictured. [Read More]
Director Joe Wright was filmed leading a warmup singalong of "Hey Jude" by The Beatles with 450 film extras as Gary Oldman made his entrance... [Read More]
A behind-the-scenes clip was posted on Twitter by actor Samuel West, who plays former foreign secretary Sir Anthony Eden. [Read More]
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How does Gary Oldman fare as one of Britain's most significant Prime Ministers? [Read More]
Darkest Hour, the new film about Winston Churchill's devastating first weeks as Prime Minister in 1940, is winning critical plaudits for Gary Oldman's stirring performance... [Read More]
The Critics Choice Awards were a lot of fun, but long…so I learned a lot… "Darkest Hour" director Joe Wright will spend the summer in... [Read More]
On the set of "The Darkest Hour," Gary Oldman proposed to his love, Gisele Schmidt—while still dressed as Winston Churchill! [Read More]
Gary Oldman told BW it took a team four hours each morning to transform him into Winston Churchill for his acclaimed performance in Darkest Hour. [Read More]
Some 450 actors playing MPs on the set of the new film Darkest Hour sing Hey Jude between takes, led by director Joe Wright. Gary... [Read More]
Vermont's only twice-weekly newspaper, serving the 23 towns of Addison County... [Read More]
The separated couple's been together for seven years. [Read More]
Last night, Gary Oldman collected his second best actor award this week for his mindblowing portrayal of Winston Churchill in Focus Features' Darkest Hour, giving him wins... [Read More]
Now sweeping awards season for his portrayal of Winston Churchill in 'Darkest Hour,' Gary Oldman reveals that he owes it all to an app. [Read More]
The British star's march towards the Oscars continues with a Critics' Choice award for Darkest Hour. [Read More]
Joe Wright, director of the new Second World War film Darkest Hour, leads 450 MPs in a warm-up rendition of Hey Jude, only stopping when... [Read More]
He is a figure who could never be described as unfamiliar, whether his face is caught in the grainy spotlight of the newsreel, or is... [Read More]