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On the March 20, 2018, episode of "Right and Righter," host Elizabeth Harrington welcomes Washington Free Beacon editor-in-chief Matthew Continetti, Cambridge Analytica data specialist Aaron Harison,... [Read More]
Mr Hogg and his classmates have forced a continued national discussion on gun violence following the shooting at their school... [Read More]
Tuesday's Water Cooler is dedicated to the seemingly never-ending culture wars. Celebretard of the Week Well, he's not really a celebrity in the strictest sense... [Read More]
One of the students who survived last month's shooting at a Florida high school that left 17 people dead says he must use "white privilege"... [Read More]
A group of students from the Florida high school where 17 people were fatally shot on Valentine's Day fanned out to speak on morning television... [Read More]
"We have to use our white privilege now to make sure that all of the voices..." [Read More]
"...we don't have a democracy, we have a dictatorship." [Read More]
Florida high school student David Hogg said the organization 'basically threatened' his peers and is 'creating more violence so they can scare more people and... [Read More]
Students David Hogg and Emma González, who survived last month's mass murder in Parkland, Florida, told CBS News on Monday that the National Rifle Association has…... [Read More]
Baby in the womb. (YouTube)Planned Parenthood, the largest abortion provider in the United States, wants to protect life by working with gun-control groups that are... [Read More]
David Hogg and Emma Gonzalez, two students who survived last month's mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School in Parkland, Florida, said Monday that... [Read More]
They've gone to Tallahassee and Washington D.C. They've appeared on talk shows and taken on the National Rifle Association. They've raised more than $3 million... [Read More]
Leslie Gibson called one Florida student, Emma González, a "skinhead lesbian," and another, David Hogg, a "moron" and a "baldfaced liar. [Read More]
Fresh off an evening flight from New York City where he appeared on several news shows, David Hogg darts into his house in Parkland, grabs... [Read More]
Florida High School Shooting Survivor's New Ad: 'What If Our Politicians Weren't the B*tch of the NRA' - Timothy Meads: Marjory Stoneman Douglas High... [Read More]
Ahead of next week's March for Our Lives, Parkland student David Hogg features in an ad once again calling out the National Rifle Association. [Read More]
After hearing that the Republican running for the Statehouse from Maine's 57th district, Leslie Gibson, had mouthed off and called him a "bald Faced liar" and... [Read More]
A Conversation with Students of Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School:Ryan Deitsch Matt Deitsch Emma Gonzalez David Hogg Cameron Kasky Alex Wind Meighan Stone (Moderator) Senior... [Read More]
An unopposed Republican candidate for a Maine State House seat, called Parkland massacre survivors Emma Gonzalez, who identifies as bisexual, a "skinhead lesbian" and David Hogg a "bald-faced... [Read More]
After Maine politician Leslie Gibson insulted Marjory Stoneman Douglas High School survivors Emma González and David Hogg, a 28-year-old woman named Eryn Gilchrist filed papers... [Read More]