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Although television in 2017 offeredmore than enough escape from the anxieties and outrages of life, it also found plenty of contextual and thematic relevance to... [Read More]
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Haeco is laying off workers Thursday, according to David Lynch, vice president of marketing at Haeco. Haeco is laying off workers within its Cabin Solutions... [Read More]
A full-on retrospective of Dennis Hopper would require a weeklong binge, but the Roxie's mosty-35mm festival "Along for the Ride: A Tribute to Dennis Hopper"... [Read More]
A new documentary on Dennis Hopper, Nick Eberling's "Along for the Ride," starts Friday, Dec. 15, and the Roxie Theater is celebrating with a mini-retrospective... [Read More]
The 10 best TV episodes of 2017: Scott Tobias on the apocalyptic, Atomic-Age WTF that was David Lynch's groundbreaking 'Twin Peaks' standout "Part 8." [Read More]
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 Ann Rowe and Kent Hamrick, civil lawyers for Thomas Martens, filed a motion Nov. 20 to withdraw from his defense in a wrongful death lawsuit,... [Read More]
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Drah s'ti. [Read More]
The service's first original German series echoes David Lynch and David Fincher, but finds its own queasy, compelling ground... [Read More]
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