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In a letter sent to University of New Mexico administrators on Aug. 9, former UNM football player Jadon Boatright paints a disturbing picture of Lobos... [Read More]
North Carolina has created a new plan to manage the population of coyotes across the state. Many FOX8 viewers have shared stories of coyote sighting... [Read More]
A 9-year-old is recovering from her injuries after being attacked by a coyote in Davie County, deputies say. [Read More]
Question: The attractive building at 1515 Davie Ave. is now home to Paulette's Beauty Bazaar. Who was the first tenant there when it was built... [Read More]
A lot of drivers through downtown Fort Lauderdale Friday saw a curious site during the morning commute: a large wooden utility pole piercing through the... [Read More]
Davie County deputies say a child was attacked by a coyote on Thursday. [Read More]
A coyote attacked a 9-year-old child in Davie County Thursday night, according to Davie County Animal Control. Animal Control received a report of an animal... [Read More]
A 9-year-old girl was attacked by a coyote Thursday evening outside her home in Advance, according to Davie County Animal Control. [Read More]
March 16 marks the 100th anniversary of the planting of Davie Poplar Jr., which established a royal line of trees that have been cherished by... [Read More]
Twelve students across the state of Florida and their teachers were honored for their creative expressions of the Holocaust in art, essays, films and poems... [Read More]
Salisbury police say a murder suspect was arrested in Davie County Thursday morning. [Read More]
A Pembroke Pines police officer was hurt Wednesday in a motorcycle crash in Davie, authorities said. [Read More]
A Pembroke Pines Police officer was taken to the hospital due to a traffic crash in Davie. Pembroke Pines Police confirmed that the officer was... [Read More]
Simone Kaplan, a sixth-grader at St. Bonaventure Catholic School spells 'aioli' Tuesday, March 13, 2018, in Davie, to win the Broward County 78th Annual Miami... [Read More]
Democratic candidate Adam Coker is seeking the N.C. 13th Congressional District seat in the U.S. House of Representatives.The 13th District represents all of Davidson and... [Read More]
The Wilkes Central girls' soccer team played host to Davie County, Saint Stephens and West Iredell at River's Edge Park last week for the first... [Read More]
We need the best candidate possible to challenge Ted Budd for the 13th District congressional seat. The 13th spans much of Greensboro, High Point, all... [Read More]