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Directive applies to UK if it stays in EU, or during the transition period under May's Brexit deal... [Read More]
The European Parliament in Strasbourg voted 410 to 192 in favour of the move which would allow individual countries to decide whether or not to... [Read More]
EU states should be able to abolish daylight saving time from 2021, MEPs decide. [Read More]
EU states may be able to abolish daylight saving time, which is currently mandatory. [Read More]
The idea to save energy by re-setting the clock was implemented in Germany in 1916 and later in many other European countries. Currently, 64 countries... [Read More]
EU states should be able to abolish daylight saving time from 2021, MEPs decide. [Read More]
Well folks, Spring is here, in case you haven't noticed, although it would be hard not to notice after the change to Daylight Saving Time... [Read More]
Even the crankiest pillow snugglers have adjusted to the time change after springing forward earlier this month. But daylight saving time is still making news... [Read More]
Washington state has a fan of permanent daylight saving time in Congress. [Read More]
We are looking at the signs of spring in the Southern Indiana area. We talked last about the spring equinox and the traditions surrounding Daylight... [Read More]
'Unspeakable confusion' about daylight saving time... [Read More]
With so many people speaking out and "protesting" daylight saving time, we at the Sidney Herald thought we'd hit the streets and find out what... [Read More]
Some attribute Benjamin Franklin with the idea of daylight saving time. He wrote a satirical article to the Journal of Paris in 1784, in which... [Read More]
Sen. Patty Murray supports letting Washington go on permanent daylight saving time. [Read More]
Continue daylight saving time in Pennsylvania... [Read More]
Sen. Patty Murray said she is committed to helping West Coast states get the congressional OK to adopt year-round daylight saving time. [Read More]
Jack Simpson... [Read More]
Spring is here, according to the calendar, and I can sense the change in the air, my days slowly stretching... [Read More]
I wonder if people who are excited about year-round daylight saving time have ever checked the relationship of winter sunrise times to elementary school start... [Read More]
Thank you, Bonnnie Powers for submitting your opinion on Daylight Saving Time. [Read More]