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Dear Editor: Racial titles are based on historical birthplaces or current occupied country --- Native Americans, Irish American, African American, Japanese American, German American, Spanish... [Read More]
Dear Editor:I recently returned from a trip to Alaska, where I learned that the moderate Republican state legislator for whom I used to vote every... [Read More]
Dear Editor:To Frank Waxman and those who erroneously believe that Bernie or anyone else is to blame for Hillary's loss to Trump: Let's get it... [Read More]
Dear Editor,... [Read More]
Dear Editor:The Grainery Ministries, located at 1348 E St., is having an Open House Summer Celebration from noon to 4 p.m. Saturday. [Read More]
Dear Editor: Kent Bush wrote the other day about the possibility of Oklahoma being on the path of becoming a blue state with the passage... [Read More]
Dear Editor,... [Read More]
Dear Editor,... [Read More]
Dear Editor: This is my third letter to the editor. The first two were not published. [Read More]
Dear Editor: I have enjoyed the new format of the Lawton paper. It may be a little thinner, but with just as much content. I... [Read More]
Dear Editor: As I was sitting on my back porch the thought came to me that perhaps we spend too much time on things we... [Read More]
Dear Editor:... [Read More]
Dear Editor: Hope Unlimited hosted its ninth annual Hope Golf Classic, presented by Re/Max Associate Brokers and Fairway Mortgage on June 29 at the Camaloch... [Read More]
Dear Editor, The controversy just won't die. The sports reporters won't let it die. The team owners won't let it die. Even Donald Trump gets... [Read More]
The history behind the Katyn memorial - Dear Editor: The controversy in Jersey City (article and Letters in The Reporter ) whether to move the... [Read More]
Dear Editor,... [Read More]
Dear Editor: I am worried that the United States is falling from leadership of the free world to the pariah. Our current president has distanced... [Read More]
Dear Editor: "Dear sweet unforgettable childhood." (Checkov) [Read More]
Dear Editor: Multiple killings, at schools or other sites where people congregate, by angry people who see the only way to get revenge or make... [Read More]
Dear Editor, Alex Ramel would be a fantastic representative for the 40th district in Washington. He is a progressive democrat who will champion climat... [Read More]