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Americans are as divided as congressional Democrats about how to expand health care coverage to more people. [Read More]
The word racist is getting thrown around quite a bit lately.Sometimes it is appropriate - like when Republicans and Democrats, minus the president, recently joined... [Read More]
ONE issue in Washington that actually gets Democrats and Republicans to align is entitlement reform — neither side... [Read More]
With House control, Democrats now have a big opportunity to design and advance a progressive economic agenda that could become a reality after 2020. [Read More]
Last week, Democratic Sen. Mark Warner of Virginia offered President Trump some advice on how to end the current border wall standoff. "Always try to... [Read More]
Sen. Kamala Harris faces a political minefield to have a realistic chance of becoming the Democratic nominee. [Read More]
With no evidence that President Donald Trump's weekend speech on immigration and a border wall had changed the dynamic in Congress related to a partial... [Read More]
A new poll finds Medicare for all is risky ground for Democrats but an incremental approach could win support from Republicans.        ... [Read More]
On day 32 of the government shutdown, some signs of progress. The Senate will vote Thursday on proposals by both Republicans and Democrats to reopen... [Read More]
On Saturday, President Donald Trump again made the case for his wall by pointing out Democrats once supported new fencing and barriers along the southern... [Read More]
Senate Republicans beginning efforts to win approval for Trump's barrier, but Democrats remain opposed... [Read More]
As the partial federal government shutdown wears on, I am frustrated by the portrayal in the "major media" that President Trump and the Republicans are... [Read More]
The new Democratic leadership is threatening to take the "House" out of House of Representatives by barring congress people from living in their offices –... [Read More]
My suggestion to end the government shutdown: The Democrats "cave in" to Trump and give him his wall. [Read More]
National security, laws and border wall versus partial government shut down. [Read More]
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The promise of "Medicare for All" polls well. But if Democrats endorse the concept in large numbers, and make it or some other large-scale expansion... [Read More]
Over the past few weeks, several Democrats have announced their exploratory committees, meaning they can begin to raise money and test the waters for their... [Read More]
The position of most Democratic leaders on Capitol Hill is that lawmakers are waiting until Trump-Russia special counsel Robert Mueller delivers his report before considering... [Read More]
Democrats have the opportunity to show the world which matters more to them: handing a defeat to President Trump or helping the people they care... [Read More]