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A car crashed into a restaurant after the driver accidentally hit the accelerator Thursday afternoon, Germantown Police Department said. [Read More]
The U.S. Secret Service has teamed up with the San Antonio Police Department to warn people about gas pump skimmers. Law enforcement officials said people... [Read More]
Law Enforcement officers from West Texas law enforcement agencies participated in the Law Enforcement Torch Run kick off Tuesday morning, to raise money and public... [Read More]
West Allis firefighters battled a garage fire at a home near 67th and Beloit on Thursday afternoon, May 24. A Facebook post on the West... [Read More]
Two students have been injured in a chemical explosion in a University of Nebraska-Lincoln laboratory. Authorities say a container holding nitric acid and other chemicals... [Read More]
The Bozeman and Montana State University police departments have created a Special Victims Unit to investigate sex crimes and help victims acquire resources. The Bozeman... [Read More]
The arrest of Austin teacher Breaion King received national attention and sparked reforms in the Austin Police Department.        ... [Read More]
For years, fire officials in East Moline said they've been forced to use old, repurposed fishing boats for river search and recovery efforts. This year,... [Read More]
Protecting the rights of students should be a top priority and fundamental pillar of our system, and the Department of Education and its stewards must... [Read More]
The Somerset Independent School District plans to hire four full-time police officers to allow the district's police department to place a uniformed, armed officer on... [Read More]
A temporary ban on harvesting shellfish and carnivorous gastropods - whelks, conchs, moon snails - in Huntington Harbor was put into effect Wednesday, after a... [Read More]
A new Commerce Department investigation into foreign car imports is supposed to set up a win-lose scenario for the US in NAFTA negotiations. The problem... [Read More]
An oven door failed to shut at a National City crematorium Thursday, sending smoke out of the building and leading the fire department to respond,... [Read More]
The Justice Department announced Wednesday that it had seized an internet domain that's at the center of a Kremlin-backed hacking campaign, largely thwarting the potential... [Read More]
Ebony Gardner may not be a name everyone is familiar with but she played a vital role with the Lufkin athletic department. [Read More]
A reward of up to $5,000 is being offered for information that leads to the arrest in an arson case in Danville. Police say someone... [Read More]
Political conversations have grown increasingly nasty in recent years, and it may be spawning something even worse: a growing number of people taking their vitriol... [Read More]
The top Democrat on the House Judiciary Committee said he will soon formally ask the Department of Justice (DOJ) to investigate who publicly exposed the... [Read More]
Secretary of State Mike Pompeo lifted a State Department hiring freeze that had left hundreds of jobs unfilled, erasing one of the most unpopular legacies... [Read More]
INTERIOR SUED OVER BIRD KILLING POLICY: A coalition of conservation groups is taking the Interior Department to court over its policy excusing "incidental" killings of... [Read More]