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ABC reporter: My sources tell me Bob Mueller isn't investigating Trump (yet) ... [Read More]
"[Mueller] is very, very good friends with Comey, which is very bothersome." President Trump suggested in an interview with Fox & Friends, released Friday morning,... [Read More]
President Trump is now in a death struggle with Robert Mueller and James Comey. That's the conclusion I draw from former Assistant United States Attorney... [Read More]
Fox News' Chris Wallace Nails Trump's Lawyer in a Brazen Lie ... [Read More]
Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein has been taking heat from the president, friends of the fired FBI Director and members of Congress. He said he... [Read More]
In 5 months, leaders at the Justice Department have been under heavy pressure — on everything from the travel ban to the Russia investigation. Deputy... [Read More]
Despite tweeting he's under investigation, Trump lawyer says he's not under investigation ... [Read More]
Trump's son-in-law may get new legal counsel ... [Read More]
Trump not under investigation, says his lawyer ... [Read More]
There is no justice in North Korea—murder goes unpunished. That was the grim and painful message delivered by  U.S. Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein... [Read More]
Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein voiced strong support for law enforcement, as well as praise for Attorney General Jeff Sessions, during an address at Tuesday's... [Read More]
Attorney General Jeff Sessions praised Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein on Tuesday, calling his second-in-command a "great deputy attorney general."After Rosenstein introduced the attorney general... [Read More]
Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein comments on Otto Warmbier's death, and tells law enforcement officials it's "people like you" who ensure Americans the "privilege to... [Read More]
Uh Oh! Trump Is Reportedly Under Investigation For Obstruction Of Justice ... [Read More]
9 a.m. ET: Attorney General Jeff Sessions and Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein will offer remarks at the National Summit on Crime Reduction and... [Read More]
Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein has been making headlines in recent weeks thanks to his involvement in the investigations into connections between the Trump campaign... [Read More]
Whether Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein will continue to have ultimate oversight of the multi-pronged federal investigation into Russia's interference in... [Read More]
Rumor has it that Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein might recuse himself from supervisory responsibility over the investigation being conducted by 'special counsel' Robert Mueller.... [Read More]
Trump blasts obstruction of justice probe reports as 'phony' ... [Read More]