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A new hospital in California was designed from a child's point of view. There are fun things to do and lots of distractions. Doctors say... [Read More]
In the heart of Kansas City a memorial pays tribute to Vietnam veterans. David Baker designed the Vietnam Veterans' Memorial Fountain that sits at Broadway... [Read More]
Memorial Day is a national holiday designed to honor the men and women who died in service of the US military. Parades and services will... [Read More]
The Intramural Sports and Recreation Program is specifically designed to provide opportunities for students, faculty and staff to have fun, [Read More] [Read More]
The Women's Resource Center is designed to educate and empower women for success by enhancing their academic performance and personal [Read More] [Read More]
The College for Kids program at Kent State Tuscarawas will kick off June 18 and run through June 22 with new and exciting classes designed... [Read More]
Efforts to fund the restoration and repairs to two of the county's oldest war memorials continue a few years after they began. Located in... [Read More]
A Santa Fe resident and business owner designed a special T-shirt to show his love and support for Santa Fe High School students and teachers.... [Read More]
Lily Nellans, a 2018 graduate in philosophy and self-designed international conflict studies, will use a Rotary Global Grant Scholarship to pursue a graduate degree in... [Read More]
for good. To protect or not to protect? That is the question many of us are asking as we debate whether or not to... [Read More]
Long Beach Wow House - Long Beach, NY - This gorgeous, multi-story home has everything the professional at home needs. [Read More]
As part of the Boulder Creek Festival, a rousing and moving Memorial Day observance program has been prepared, designed to honor the service of... [Read More]
Screenshot/YouTube via Шатун Шалун Images have been circulating on Twitter of a Russian Spetsnaz soldier apparently testing out a PKM heavy machine gun... [Read More]
The anti-John Cox mailers are "Paid for by Families & Teachers for Antonio Villaraigosa for Governor 2018," but designed to look like they are from... [Read More]
Now that we've discovered this loophole, it's up to Secretary of State Lawerence Denney to urge the Idaho Legislature to make a simple tweak to... [Read More]
Jay Hagen didn't get too emotional when he talked about his uncle to kids assembled at Congdon Park Elementary School last week. He designed his... [Read More]
Yesterday, on Friday, Trump signed a series of executive orders designed to ''reform'' the civil service code and makes it easier for supervisors to turnover federal workers and disempower... [Read More]
Previous software only allowed billboards to display scheduled train arrival times; the new technology is designed to show, in real time, how many minutes before... [Read More]
A local maker of home care products has released an upright cleaning machine that can vacuum and wash both hard and soft surfaces. Walker-based Bissell,... [Read More]
Encased in meticulously designed and cheerful packaging, the unhealthy, high-calorie and blood-sugar spiking nature of soft drinks and other sugary beverag... [Read More]