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The Roman Catholic Diocese of Ogdensburg on Tuesday posted a list of 28 priests on its website who it says have been credibly accused of... [Read More]
The Catholic Diocese of Brownsville is accusing the federal government of violating the church's right to freedom of religion by condemning land it owns to... [Read More]
To the editor:... [Read More]
Bishop Martin Holley appeared on EWTN (video above) shortly after he was removed as leader of the Memphis diocese and, among other things, blamed Cardinal... [Read More]
In his recent Catholic Free Press article, Monsignor Pedone, pastor for Our Lady of Mount Carmel Church, stated the Diocese is hoping to get a... [Read More]
While everyone else was freaking out about Serena Williams and gaping at Prince Charles' beautiful birthday pictures, the Episcopal diocese of Albany took a valiant... [Read More]
Parishioners at St. Bede Church in Pittsburgh walk in prayerful solidarity, in support of their neighbors at the Tree of Life Synagogue, while Catholic parishioners... [Read More]
The bishop of the Diocese of Fort Wayne-South Bend has expressed disappointment with a Vatican-requested delay on adopting new steps to address the Ca ... [Read More]
The Youngstown (Ohio) Vindicator published this editorial on Nov. 2:In one sense, Tuesday ranks as one of the darkest days in the 75-year history of... [Read More]
The Diocese of Ogdensburg has released a statement and a list of priests implicated in the church's sexual abuse scandal on the diocesan website. [Read More]
The Diocese of Allentown is now responding to a lawsuit filed against it by a former altar boy. That suit claims a former priest abused... [Read More]
Albany Episcopal Diocese Bishop William H. Love penned a letter condemning the Episcopal Church's nationwide acceptance of same-sex marriage rights, and forbidding churches within his... [Read More]
An order from the Vatican on Monday widened a rift in the Roman Catholic Church over how to handle the ongoing sexual abuse crisis in... [Read More]
The Rev. James Burson, a Catholic priest retired in Carlsbad, has been accused of molesting a Buffalo, N.Y., high school student in the 1970s. ... [Read More]
The diocese released the names of 28 members of the clergy who served in the diocese and were "credibly accused" of sexual misconduct with a... [Read More]
Controversy surrounds the decision by the Albany Episcopal bishop to prohibit same-sex marriage in his diocese, despite a move by the national church to allow... [Read More]
A local man who says he was abused by a Catholic priest is sharing his story; KDKA's Andy Sheehan reports. [Read More]
A bishop banned from representing the diocese he used to head was spotted attending a bishop's conference this week. Bishop James Timlin is the former... [Read More]
After Bishop William Love released  a strongly worded letter  definitively rejecting gay marriage in the Episcopal diocese of Albany - and directly opposing... [Read More]
The Catholic Diocese of Pittsburgh removed Fr. Richard Lelonis from ministry back in September after two victims came forward saying that the priest had abused... [Read More]