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U.S. Navy divers completed removal of fuel oil from the Prinz Eugen at Enubuj Island in Kwajalein Atoll, Marshall Islands, Oct. 15. [Read More]
Water system officials in a South Carolina city shared photos of the huge masses of flushable wipes divers removed from clogged sewers. [Read More]
Whale watching on the Indian Ocean island of Réunion may be a victim of its own success after a series of run-ins between a female... [Read More]
A car was recovered from a lake in the investigation of three girls who disappeared after a shopping trip in 1974. Divers and family are... [Read More]
Officials with the Charleston Water System in Charleston, South Carolina shared a series of photos on social media showing the foul mess wipes advertised as... [Read More]
It looks like a creature from the Black Lagoon, but it's actually the result of a massive undertaking by the water department in Charleston, South... [Read More]
A team of divers that were forced to swim through raw sewage to uncover the cause of clogged sewer pipes in South Carolina... [Read More]
From mysterious shipwrecks to colorful marine life, the ocean depths are home to several attractions for scuba divers. But the Museo Subacuático de Arte (MUSA) in Mexico... [Read More]
Officials with the Charleston Water System in Charleston, South Carolina shared a series of photos on social media showing the impact wipes have on sewer... [Read More]
Divers will continue to search the Colorado River, between Park Moabi to Lake Havasu, Thursday and Friday for the last missing boater from a Sept.... [Read More]
Grosse Pointer James Singelyn has turned his patience and expertise into a way to bring happiness to high school swimmers and divers. He left a... [Read More]
Before you flush a wipe down the toilet, consider the divers who might have to swim through 80 feet of sewage to pull it out. [Read More]
Do you know what happens when you flush wipes down the toilet? [Read More]
A scuba diving company in Cape Vincent is getting into the Halloween spirit. [Read More]
The City of Charleston sent divers into their sewer system Tuesday after noticing a clog at one of their treatment plants. The culprit: wet wipes. [Read More]
Nightmare" (read: "Freddy Krueger") or the "Crystal Lake Slasher" (Friday the 13th's "Jason Voorhees") or the "Texas Chainsaw Butcher" ("Leatherface") and so on. The... [Read More]
Divers find a "surprisingly large quantity" of rubbish on historical wrecks in coastal waters. [Read More]
Please do not flush baby wipes and those so-called "flushable wipes" down the toilet. Case in point: The Charleston, South Carolina water system had to... [Read More]
SANTIAGO, Chile—Chilean authorities say two young Americans and a Chilean who went missing over the weekend have been found dead in a river estuary, the... [Read More]