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Over the weekend, Rihanna was a bridesmaid at her longtime friend Sonita's wedding. The pair first met at The Combermere School in Barbados and have... [Read More]
The Donald Glover-starring college comedy was knowing and surreal, before puppets and gas leaks made viewers want to play hooky... [Read More]
'Sometimes you hear a gunshot where you know it's f***ing close.'... [Read More]
Childish Gambino and Rihanna are joining forces on the big screen... [Read More]
Donald Glover has admitted that he called off filming on his show 'Atlanta' one night when he heard gunshots fired in the area. [Read More]
The multiple Emmy nominee keeps it cool and colorful: "We approach styling from the perspective of how a musician might approach different albums," says his... [Read More]
A version of this story about "Atlanta" first appeared in the Down to the Wire issue of TheWrap's Emmy magazine. The second season... [Read More]
  A recent photo of Rihanna and Donald Glover has surfaced. And it's launched the Twitter-verse into overdrive.   Rihanna happily posed with a less-smiley... [Read More]
On Tuesday, a photo surfaced showing Rihanna posing with Donald Glover, supposedly on a film set in Cuba, causing immediate speculation about the nature of... [Read More]
Is something going on between Rihanna and Donald Glover? HollywoodLife has the truth. [Read More]
The two superstars are working on a new project together. But what exactly is it? [Read More]
According to a source, Chris Brown is jealous that Rihanna and Donald Glover's pic together. [Read More]
Rihanna and Donald Glover were seen in a photo together in Cuba. The internet tried to find out why. [Read More]
After Rihanna and Donald Glover were photographed together in Cuba, the internet went into a frenzy trying to figure out what the two are up... [Read More]
The two were photographed together and fans are going wild. [Read More]
This should be good. [Read More]
Rihanna and Donald Glover, also known as Childish Gambino, have been spotted working together on a film project in Cuba. It's unclear right now whether... [Read More]
Rihanna and Donald Glover were spotted in Cuba together last week. According to the Cuban publication Vistar Magazine, the two megastars are working on a... [Read More]
The duo have appeared together in a photo that surfaced online on Thursday and quickly went viral. In the snap, Rihanna is make-up free and... [Read More]