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Donald Trump Jr. had a pretty simple message for the Republican faithful who filled a hotel ballroom here on the final night of summer 2018.... [Read More]
An effective surrogate, the president's son is hitting the road for the midterms. Can he override his father's falling ratings? [Read More]
According to PETA's website, the proceeds from the costume will support "lifesaving work for wild animals." [Read More]
It was just a short email that British music publicist Rob Goldstone tapped out on his iPhone on a Friday morning in June 2016 in... [Read More]
Publicist Rob Goldstone wrote an email to to Donald Trump Jr. that interested special counsel Robert Mueller's prosecutors. [Read More]
Donald Trump Jr. on Thursday lashed out at People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals over its 'Donald Trump Jr.' Halloween costume. ... [Read More]
Donald Trump Jr. was the guest speaker at the Pennsylvania GOP Fall Dinner at Hershey Lodge Friday. His main point was to get as many... [Read More]
He said Republicans have to be engaged the way they were in 2016. [Read More]
The first son came to rally the troops. It appeared to work. [Read More]
Former President Obama, Donald Trump Jr. hold rallys for Pa. candidates... [Read More]
Donald Trump, Jr., spoke in support of Pennsylvania's Republican candidates at a GOP dinner in Hershey on Friday, Sept. 21. [Read More]
Donald Trump Jr has been condemned in a conservative newspaper for launching a "made up" attack on CNN and its presenter Anderson Cooper. The president's... [Read More]
It doesn't all come down to the wire. The New York Times story about the deputy attorney general has some much more important details. [Read More]
City leaders said Friday Donald Trump Jr.'s understanding of Springfield's economy does not appear factual.        ... [Read More]
Donald Trump Jr. blasted Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein in a Friday tweet. The tweet was in a response to a New York Times article... [Read More]
Donald Trump Jr. accused Rod Rosenstein of being the anonymous op-ed writer in the NYT who detailed a secret resistance in the Trump White House. [Read More]
The president's oldest son brings up 40-year-old allegation in deleted tweet.        ... [Read More]
Here are the first few paragraphs from the op-ed article from Donald Trump Jr. [Read More]
Citibank, JP Morgan Chase, and Morgan Stanley filed "suspicious activity reports" concerning large sums of money moved between Russians involved in the notorious Trump Tower... [Read More]