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Dan Cote is the manager of a Planet Fitness in Woonsocket, Rhode Island. [Read More]
Everything you need to know about what causes Down syndrome, including risk factors for having a child with the disorder and more. [Read More]
He loves what he does. [Read More]
This man with Down syndrome loves working out, but one day, he arrived at the gym only to realize he forgot his sneakers. That's when... [Read More]
Under the Fair Labor Standards Act people with Down syndrome can be paid less than minimum wage, so Leslie Hoglund is running from D.C. to... [Read More]
Can people with Down syndrome go to college and get jobs? With more than 265 college programs available, those with Down syndrome are getting jobs... [Read More]
Parents share their Down syndrome stories and the things they wish they'd known about raising a child with Down syndrome for World Down Syndrome Day... [Read More]
A Pittsburgh woman will be participating in a run from Washington, D.C., to New York City to raise awareness for Down syndrome in honor of... [Read More]
A new one-person play called "Blurred at the Edges" about the life of Dr. John Langdon Down, the namesake for Down Syndrome debuts in San Diego. Dr.... [Read More]
The manager of a Planet Fitness in Rhode Island went out of his way to make sure one of his clients received a good workout.... [Read More]
Daily Bulletin Featured Exceptional Education Literature School of Education United Students Government (USG) ... [Read More]
Families with children know the importance of making time for themselves to have some down time. For families with children who have special needs, the... [Read More]
Green River Area Down Syndrome Association will throw a party all day Thursday, which is World Down Syndrome Day. [Read More]
A 29-year-old children's book author and illustrator is bringing to Midland the first book in a series about Down syndrome, hoping his message will teach... [Read More]
In support of World Down Syndrome Day, the FOX 47 Yes Squad is asking you to share your crazy socks with us. Send them to... [Read More]
A district-level football tournament for students of various special schools will be held at Pokkunnu on March 21 as part of World Down Syndrome Day... [Read More]
Interview: World Down Syndrome Day 5K, Duathlon in Wichita Thursday. They also have a big fundraiser in mid-April. For more details, click here. ... [Read More]
"Improvaneers" comedy troupe features young adults get the laughs. [Read More]
Before his son with Down syndrome was able to run, T.J. Angus was making sure Austin, now 6, could feel the wind in his face... [Read More]
Schofield (WAOW)- Dozens packed Greenheck field house in Schofield on Saturday to celebrate World Down Syndrome Day. The Down Syndrome Association of... [Read More]