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The London native, who was executive producer of the popular PBS series "Downton Abbey," was in Boston recently for the opening of "Downton Abbey: The... [Read More]
Highclere Castle in Hampshire, England, is now famous as the shooting location for Downton Abbey, but one of the estate's real-life lords funded the search... [Read More]
The Commons, a 'character-driven thriller', is Stan's biggest investment (at more than $20 million) in an Australian original yet. [Read More]
No pun intended, but imagine a world in which no one has ever heard of the Beatles or any of their songs. That's... [Read More]
Lesley Nicol, who plays Mrs. Patmore on the popular television series "Downton Abbey," joined state Senators Andy Dinniman, Tom Killion, Tim Kearney, and others in... [Read More]
British actress Lesley Nicol is no stranger to pictures, even posing for one with Pennsylvania Senator Lisa Boscola. [Read More]
A well-known television star was at the state Capitol on Monday to help lawmakers push for a bill that aims to crack down on puppy... [Read More]
eecham House had been labelled 'Downton Abbey in Delhi' - albeit mainly by ITV. To be honest, this seemed like wishful thinking - for them... [Read More]
ITV's new six-part primetime period drama Beecham House is set in 18th-century Delhi. It has been pitched as a kind of Murghal Downton Abbey, but... [Read More]
and, while no Downton Abbey, it seems to have impressed viewers. [Read More]
Mary entertains three suitors and the shocking former life of Carson, the butler, is unmasked. [Read More]
Actress Lesley Nicol, 66, on her new ITV series Beecham House, the Downton Abbey movie (where she famously plays Mrs. Beryl Patmore), marrying a real-life... [Read More]
Robert James-Collier has revealed that the upcoming Downton Abbey movie will tie up some of the characters' storylines. [Read More]
With the recent release of new promotional photos for the forthcoming Downton Abbey movie...need we say more to get you more excited? [Read More]
An upstairs-downstairs drama set in the days of the Raj stars Tom Bateman as a rich, enigmatic single dad in ITV's Beecham House... [Read More]
"Downton Abbey: The Exhibition" at the Castle Park Plaza & "Barefoot in the Park." [Read More]
A tour of Highclere Castle, the English property used in "Downton Abbey," has been combined with a new chartered cruise for six to eight people... [Read More]
Your beloved 'Downton Abbey' characters are coming to the big screen. [Read More]
When creators announced that "Downton Abbey: The Exhibition" would be "taking up residence" in Boston, they meant it: Entire rooms from the multi-award-winning hit British... [Read More]