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Dwight Clark says he has Lou Gehrig's disease and suspects playing football might have caused the illness. [Read More]
The FDA approved a drug specifically for ALS, which was applauded by The ALS Association and may be good news for the 49ers legend and... [Read More]
49ers receiver makes first public appearance since ALS announcement... [Read More]
Joe Montana respectfully asked that the street name to be changed to "Montana-Clark Drive," to honor his ailing friend and teammate Dwight Clark. [Read More]
Your AP sports article on Dwight Clark's struggle with ALS, March 22, motivated me to write some thoughts I've pondered.Some time ago, while listening tot... [Read More]
Dwight Clark scheduled to appear at TriStar Show, giving fans their first chance to wish him well in fight against ALS... [Read More]
  By Tim Dahlberg, AP Sports Columnist Everson Walls doesn't want to talk about The Catch, and not just because he wasn't the one catching... [Read More]
In the mind's eye, Dwight Clark always will be 24 years old, loping across the back of the end zone in the final moments of... [Read More]
In 1981, Dwight Clark gave the NFL one of its iconic moments with "The Catch," sending the 49ers into their first Super Bowl and marking... [Read More]
ALS in athletes Are head injuries to blame? National News When Dwight Clark revealed that he had been diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral sclerosis (ALS), he... [Read More]
Former 49ers receiver Dwight Clark is best known for "The Catch," but Sunday night he sent shock waves throughout the NFL once more with an... [Read More]
In Dwight Clark's stunning announcement that he had been diagnosed with ALS, the 49ers football legend raised the question that researchers are trying to answer... [Read More]
There may not have been any NFL game in the 1980s more important than the 1982 NFC Championship Game. The game was a turning point... [Read More]
Former Browns quarterback Bernie Kosar chose to joke to ESPN radio in Cleveland about Dwight Clark's ALS diagnosis. [Read More]
Former NFL quarterback Bernie Kosar wrote on Twitter that he meant "no disrespect" to Dwight Clark after making a comment on Cleveland radio about the... [Read More]
Former Browns quarterback Bernie Kosar, who's been treated for post-concussion syndrome, made an insensitive joke on Cleveland radio Wednesday about Dwight... [Read More]
Apparently Bernie Kosar thinks Dwight Clark's ALS diagnosis is worthy of a joke. The former Browns quarterback tried being sly when he told an insensitive... [Read More]
ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)-Until Sunday night, 49ers legend Dwight Clark was known primarily for that 1982 catch that took San Fransisco to its first Super... [Read More]
Dwight Clark, hero of "The Catch" he made in the 1981 49ers-Cowboys NFC Championship game, recently announced that he has been diagnosed with amyotrophic lateral... [Read More]
Dwight Clark, the legendary 49ers receiver who later served as general manager of the Browns, announced recently that he was diagnosed with ALS. Former Browns... [Read More]