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A U.S. Navy aircraft carrying 11 members, including crew and passengers, crashed into the ocean just southeast of Okinawa, which is a Japanese prefecture comprising... [Read More]
Scientists analysed data on plastic from 79 sampling sites along 57 rivers. Their results showed that 10 rivers account for the majority of plastic. Targeting... [Read More]
After four Chinese H-6 bombers and two spy planes were seen going through the international airspace in the East China Sea, Japan responded by dispatching... [Read More]
The U.S. and Japanese naval forces will hold bilateral training exercise for 10 days, starting Thursday. More than 14,000 U.S. personnel will participate... [Read More]
Japan will delay a decision to develop a new advanced fighter jet, four sources said, as military planners struggle to settle on a design and... [Read More]
Japan announced Friday it would send its largest warship to join three U.S. aircraft carriers in exercises in waters near the Korean Peninsula, a display... [Read More]
Characterization of hybridization within a secondary contact region of the inshore fish, Bostrychus sinensis, in the East China Sea Characterization of hybridization within a secondary... [Read More]
A Taiwanese fighter jet has gone missing while flying above the East China Sea north of Taiwan during a routine patrol, the air force said... [Read More]
The exercises are taking place during Trump's Asian trip. Currently, he is in Japan, and on Tuesday he will arrive in South Korea. [Read More]
For the fishermen who make a living in the far reaches of the East China Sea, Uotsuri Island was the place to go when all... [Read More]
Trump to tell China to cease 'predatory' trade practices ... [Read More]
This simulation will examine the complex maze that actors must negotiate when dealing with the tense social, political, and military dilemmas currently occurring East China... [Read More]
Chongming is the world's largest sand island, and with its location on the estuary of the Yangtze River and the East China Sea and its... [Read More]
Japan's Coast Guard claim that four China's patrol ships entered Japan's territorial waters near disputed Senkaku Islands in the East China Sea, local media reported... [Read More]
In 1952, an U.S. Army captain named Charles E. Gail was stationed on the Japanese island of Okinawa, which is about halfway between Japan's mainland... [Read More]
Routine appearances by Chinese vessels are keeping Japan on a tight defensive in the East China Sea where both sides claim islands and oil tracts. [Read More]
BEIJING: Chinese coast guard vessels sailed near disputed islands claimed by Japan and China in the East China Sea on Monday, marking the second such... [Read More]
Japan says four Chinese ships have sailed near disputed islands in the East China Sea that are controlled by Tokyo. [Read More]
Studies of low-frequency variations of oceanic environment are critical important for the regional climate. The warming trend of sea surface temperature in the Yellow Sea... [Read More]