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Nike's Friday night unveiling of its next series of alternative uniforms had Timberwolves fans reaching for their solar eclipse glasses. The blinding "aurora green" that... [Read More]
Selling thousands and thousands of solar eclipse glasses transported one mom and pop business to a successful new universe. [Read More]
Price-gouging law has reared its ugly head in the wake of the flooding in Texas. This has totally overshadowed the alleged price gouging that occurred... [Read More]
The Solid Waste Agency of Lake County has signed on to help send them to young scientists elsewhere in the world. [Read More]
If you've managed to hang onto your solar eclipse glasses since August 21st, don't throw them away! If you haven't already donated your shades to... [Read More]
Families in South America and Asia will have a chance to see an eclipse in 2019. [Read More]
Test your knowledge with amazing and interesting facts, trivia, quizzes, and brain teaser games on [Read More]
The craze surrounding solar eclipse glasses is not over for one Lehigh Valley astronomer. After the total solar eclipse that was visible across the... [Read More]
Counterfeit eclipse glasses created great confusion in the days prior to the solar eclipse. Luckily few eye damage cases have been reported. [Read More]
A Spartanburg District 2 school is collecting solar eclipse glasses to send to Uganda. Hendrix Elementary School is partnering with The Benjamin House, a Kampala,... [Read More]
The glasses collected at the Raleigh museum will be sent to school kids in South America and Asia, so that they can safely view the... [Read More]
Some Upstate students are asking for your help on a small but meaningful project. [Read More]
Thanks to the generosity of Summit Hill School District 161, staff from Frankfort Square School were provided special solar eclipse glasses in order to participate... [Read More]
Amazon acknowledged unverified glasses, but a lawsuit says it was "too little, too late." [Read More]
Amazon sued over eclipse glasses... [Read More]
A couple claimed to have suffered headaches and eye problems after using the eclipse glasses manufactured by American Paper Optics and sold by Amazon. The... [Read More]
A couple is suing Amazon for selling fake eclipse glasses. [Read More]
Thanks to smart and generous friends who ordered early, my husband, Doug, and I had eclipse glasses for the big solar event of Monday, Au... [Read More]
Astronomers Without Borders will send your eclipse viewers to South American schoolchildren. South America will have an eclipse in 2019. Win-win situation. The address is... [Read More]
"Eye injury ranging from temporary discomfort to permanent blindness." [Read More]