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The latest GOP plan to repeal Obamacare should fail. [Read More]
You'd think the U.S. is headed toward national disaster of epic proportions based on what opponents of the Graham-Cassidy bill are saying. [Read More]
Regarding the Daily Mail editorial: "Plenty of denial on both sides of global warming argument," the post states, "Damage to New Orleans was heavy from... [Read More]
You're invited! [Read More]
We encourage those involved to develop a good plan and follow through on it. [Read More]
It appears we can strike the death knell for the last-gasp Obamacare repeal effort known as Graham-Cassidy. U.S. Sen. John McCain has announced he won't... [Read More]
If those in Hollywood and at ESPN, among other outlets, really want to be "diverse" and "inclusive," they'd do well to stop alienating half the... [Read More]
Early this month, Facebook announced the first hard evidence of Russian efforts to spread disinformation over social media during the election: 470 fake accounts and... [Read More]
U.S. Sen. John McCain proved decisive again. On Friday, the Arizona Republican announced that he would oppose the latest attempt to repeal the Affordable Care... [Read More]
A state grant adding new technology to the age-old New England tradition of turning sap into maple syrup is what Stephen Holt calls "a win,... [Read More]
Here are your quick and dirty, editorial-free results for Sunday night's pay-per-view. [Read More]
Fall Up... [Read More]
The lack of expertise aside, the reason many of us tolerate celebrity engagement in policy is because we know that behind their public images celebrities... [Read More]
Last week's gubernatorial debate between Democrat Ralph Northam and Republican Ed Gillespie revealed little about the candidates we didn't already know and cemented our opinion... [Read More]
The Florida Roundup concentrated this week on the recovery efforts after Hurricane Irma. Guests included: Rosemary O'Hara, editorial page editor for The Sun Sentinel Rick... [Read More]
The chancellor faces a challenge in forming a government after the loss suffered by her coalition partner, the Social Democrats. [Read More]
Criticism of NFL and anthem protests a reminder that president can't help himself on race        ... [Read More]
If President Donald Trump's treatment of the media as "fake news" horrifies UCLA students, they needn't look further than their own student government to see... [Read More]
As of Friday, more than 600 bills passed by the Legislature awaited the governor's signature before the Oct. 15 deadline. Some address community concerns long... [Read More]
Race remains a thorny subject in the United States, and in schools, too. Ignoring the subject is not going to make it go away. [Read More]