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State Rep. Emilia Sykes urged last week: " … we need to do something to change this. It is 2018 and we can no longer... [Read More]
Not everyone has the chops to be a leader of nations. Appealing to the better angels of human nature is a lofty approach to leadership,... [Read More]
INFORUM Bernie Dardis has been called Mr. West Fargo. Soon he will be called West Fargo's Mr. Mayor. In a changing of the guard at... [Read More]
EDITORIAL: "If you build it, he will come," the mysterious voice told Kevin Costner in Field of Dreams. [Read More]
This refers to the editorial, "Brexitannia waives rules" (June 15) First Lalit Modi, then Vijay Mallya and now Nirav Modi - they all have taken... [Read More]
Most parents in Utah and elsewhere dutifully keep their children's immunizations current, and as a result many serious illnesses are no longer widespread. Because... [Read More]
The verbal sparring between fired Pittsburgh Post-Gazette editorial cartoonist Rob Rogers and newspaper hierarchy continued this weekend with publisher John Robinson Block telling a news... [Read More]
Heather Ells' response to the sex education op-ed was well thought-out and showed maturity well beyond her years as a sophomore in high school. ... [Read More]
A $50 million gift will help the Cincinnati Zoo stay as one of the best in the nation. The Bengals should find a compromise on... [Read More]
As the reckless presidency of Donald Trump goes on, it is difficult to see how anyone would not be alarmed by the damage done to American... [Read More]
Two pending bills, both with bipartisan support and sponsored by Greater Cleveland lawmakers, would provide significant relief to economically strapped Ohioans caught in the vortex... [Read More]
Regardless of party, you know how important it is when you read three names of supporters.Steve Carter.Amy Galey.Tim Sutton.Carter is a member of Alamance Conservative, a Tea... [Read More]
Another college fraternity has been suspended — and this time, the fraternity is in our backyard. Quinnipiac University has suspended the school's chapter of... [Read More]
Response to the New Haven Register's editorial "Strong message needed from Fairfield Prep on anti-Semitism": Shocking revelation that students from the Fairfield Preparatory School... [Read More]
Gift card scandal deserves more scrutiny... [Read More]
Minnesota went overboard in prohibiting voters from wearing a "political badge, political button or other political insignia." [Read More]
Too big to fail? That's what all those Wall Street banks thought about their corporations before the 2008 financial crisis. More recent history also shows... [Read More]
James Comey thought he was protecting the FBI and the Justice Department from the political messiness of the 2016 presidential campaign. The inspector general at... [Read More]
Where has the Republican-American's editorial board been for the past year-and-a-half? The June 13 editorial "Bronx cheer for Tonys" bemoaned not actor Robert De Niro's... [Read More]
The seizure of phone and email records from a reporter for the New York Times, Ali Watkins, raises serious questions. In the previous administration, Justice... [Read More]