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This editorial was first published in The Washington Post. Guest editorials don't necessarily reflect the Daily Messenger's opinions.Less than a month after the death of... [Read More]
Upon reading the Daily Messenger's Opinion page July 16, some thoughts moved into my mind that I am led to share to offer encouragement to... [Read More]
The tableau of misery inside a tractor-trailer packed with undocumented immigrants at a Walmart parking lot in San Antonio last weekend was beyond horrific. At... [Read More]
This is a good place to start rebuilding North Carolina's efforts to protect its precious natural resources — and the lives and health of its... [Read More]
Thanks to Gov. Rick Scott and a solid majority in the Legislature, the public schools and those they serve now have a new concern: whether... [Read More]
There's no such thing as a free college education. Someone, somewhere has to pay every penny of every cost. If you're the parent of a... [Read More]
Football is an American passion, but it can be a brutal game. The risk of head injuries from collisions has prompted some parents to steer... [Read More]
David Sleeter, the new Douglas County 911 center director, wants to hire six additional fire dispatchers, enough to staff one new full-time position 24/7. [Read More]
This editorial ran in the July 23, 2017, edition of the (Champaign) News-Gazette. [Read More]
Soccer America is the number one source for soccer fans with interviews, opinions, news, analysis, previews and information you can use. Soccer America's quality coverage... [Read More]
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Gary Varvel has been employed by his hometown newspaper, The Indianapolis News, since 1978 and its editorial cartoonist since 1994. He is a part-time art... [Read More]
With an eye on Duluth City Council and Duluth School Board elections this fall, the News Tribune is adding two new editorial board members, citizen... [Read More]
On Wednesday, President Donald Trump tweeted that the military would no longer accept transgender people to serve in the military. [Read More]
This editorial appeared in Thursday's Washington Post. [Read More]
The following editorial was published in The Fort Dodge Messenger on July 23:... [Read More]
As the Council Bluffs Habitat for Humanity affiliate resumes building houses for low-income residents and its efforts to eliminate impoverished housing in Council Bluffs, it... [Read More]
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Out of nowhere Wednesday, President Donald Trump tweeted that "the United States Government will not accept or allow Transgender individuals to serve in any capacity... [Read More]
Reported by Karen Gonsalves — Editorial BoardTotal transparency in financial trading can be costly. The nostalgic image of traders standing around on the floor... [Read More]