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I hated my uncle abandoning me when I was in prison, but eventually I reclaimed my humanity. Can the rest of Egypt do the same? [Read More]
Egypt's president is accused of strangling free speech... [Read More]
Between 1948 and 2011, the United States gave Egypt $71.6 billion in bilateral military and economic aid. [Read More]
Chinese and Egyptian Kungfu players offered people an exciting Wushu performance in Cairo during the weekend. The 2nd "Horus Wushu Sanda ... [Read More]
The people's revolt in Sudan is threatening to achieve very little, but has at least shown how dramatically the West's approach to the Middle East... [Read More]
The military said in a statement that forces have killed at least 59 suspected militants and arrested another 142 suspected militants and criminals. [Read More]
Saudi Arabia's stock market traded flat on Tuesday after a sharp fall in oil prices, while Egypt's index was pulled down by its blue-chip shares,... [Read More]
Weeks after President Sissi confirms Israel helping fight jihadists, military releases details of successful anti-IS operations in northern peninsula... [Read More]
CAIRO- Egyptian security forces have killed 59 militants in the Sinai peninsula recently and have lost seven of their own men, the military said in... [Read More]
THE ancient Egyptians had "superhuman strength" that aided them in battle against rival powers, according to outrageous claims made by researchers studying ancient texts. [Read More]
Egyptian security forces have killed 59 militants in the Sinai peninsula recently and have lost seven of their own men, the military said in a... [Read More]
In a statement on Tuesday, the Egyptian army said it killed 59 insurgents and arrested 142 more. [Read More]
22 January 2019, Cairo, Egypt ‒ The WHO Regional Office for the Eastern Mediterranean is holding an intercountry consultative meeting for nutrition focal points from... [Read More]
Egypt says at least seven troops, including an officer, have been killed in clashes with militants in recent operations in restive northern Sinai Peninsula. The... [Read More]
Digitisation new opportunity to break down restrictions, such as affordability, borders, censorship... [Read More]
One of the biggest challenges that the publishing industry in Egypt is facing is the lack of government subsidies to finance such an important industry,... [Read More]
Mohammed al-Gheiti was also accused of "contempt of religion" after inviting the guest onto his show, according to Egypt's state-run Al-Ahram website. [Read More]
2019 will be year of achievements, representing new breakthroughs in Egyptian automotive sector... [Read More]
Police ambush Bedouin traffickers as they receive 100kg of drugs from Egyptian narcos at security fence, firefight ensues... [Read More]
An Egyptian court sentenced a TV host to a year of hard labor after he interviewed a gay man on TV. [Read More]