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Patricia Okoumou condemned Trump's immigration policies at the Eiffel Tower on Thanksgiving ahead of her trial in New York... [Read More]
Paris's Eiffel Tower went dark Wednesday night in honor of the four victims of a Christmas market shooting in the French city of Strasbourg on... [Read More]
Inhale the bouquet... Every glass of wine is a courtship. The Orchard has unveiled an official trailer for an indie romantic coming-of-middle-age comedy... [Read More]
Stuart (Matt Walsh) is having a mid-life crisis. After losing his job, tagging along on his best friends' family vacation to Paris, and humiliating himself... [Read More]
The multiplatinum-selling vocal quintet, which includes former University of Oklahoma student Kirstin Maldonado, embarks on the special on an unforgettable journey throughout Las Vegas, making... [Read More]
In France, the "yellow vest" protests continued for a fourth consecutive week. An estimated 130,000 people took to the streets across the country over the... [Read More]
Around 800 paddlers braved tough conditions on the Seine river in Paris to take part in the world's largest stand-up paddle (SUP) race Sunday.The French... [Read More]
Pressure mounts on Emmanuel Macron after further violence in Paris... [Read More]
Famous landmarks like the Eiffel Tower and the Louvre closed in fear of the rioting, during which police launched tear gas into crowds of protesters. [Read More]
Minister of the Interior Christophe Castaner shook the hands of French security forces in Paris on December 8, in the wake of a series of... [Read More]
France is braced for renewed anti-government protests, with nearly 90,000 security personnel on the streets. Some 8,000 officers and 12 armoured vehicles will be... [Read More]
The Eiffel tower is closed, stores are boarded up and the Christmas lights are off. But the government's show of force seems to be paying... [Read More]
This is the fourth weekend of protests in France. [Read More]
Yellow Vest protesters and police officers clashed in Paris on December 8, as one of the biggest demonstrations of the movement took place in the... [Read More]
Police fired tear gas and arrested more than 200 people in Paris Saturday morning as anti-government "yellow vest" protestors took the streets for a fourth... [Read More]
Shops, museums, the Eiffel Tower and many metro stations were closed... [Read More]
Paris is in a lock down with dozens of streets closed to traffic, while the Eiffel Tower and other world-famous museums and monuments have been... [Read More]
Paris in lockdown as riots spark 'Day of Rage' with Eiffel Tower and major tourist sites shut over safety fears... [Read More]
PARIS has seen museums, shops and the metro close this weekend as riot police brace to meet "yellow vest" protestors in the French capital and... [Read More]