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Florida Democratic Rep. Frederica Wilson said that being called an empty barrel by White House chief of staff John Kelly was racist. [Read More]
Remember when the liberal media excoriated Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama for lying to the face of Pat Smith, mother of Sean Smith who was... [Read More]
Kelly called Wilson an "empty barrel" and "all hat, no cattle." [Read More]
Shame on John Kelly for calling Florida Rep. Frederica Wilson an empty barrel, since Kelly is working for the biggest empty barrel in our nation's... [Read More]
Remember when John Kelly was seen as "the adult in the room" who kept a child proof lock on the nuclear football?   Seems like... [Read More]
The women of the Congressional Black Caucus are demanding an apology from White House Chief of Staff John Kelly for his giving the public a... [Read More]
The controversial 2010 deal that supposedly gave Moscow control of a large swath of American U interests didn't actually give any control. The real reason... [Read More]
I read your Sunday editorial with great interest, especially the last sentence: "Shame on anyone who tries to use it to score political points. [Read More]
The Florida Legislative Black Caucus is demanding President Donald Trump's administration apologize to a fallen soldier's family and U.S. Rep. Frederica Wilson for a condolence... [Read More]
If Mr. Kelly really wishes to see a true "empty barrel making noise" he should take his boss, face a mirror, and he will see... [Read More]
So much for military honor. Kelly's attack on Wilson was not just false but redolent of racism and sexism... [Read More]
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John Kelly, a retired Marine Corps general, was supposed to instill discipline and integrity as White House chief of staff. Those expectations are proving hopelessly... [Read More]
Rep. Frederica Wilson responds to Gen. Kelly on AM JOY, after the White House chief of staff defended Donald Trump's call to the family of... [Read More]
Speaking with MSNBC host Joy Reid, Rep. Frederica Wilson (D-FL) fired back at President Donald Trump's chief of staff, saying the former general is nothing... [Read More]