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Federal Reserve Chairwoman Janet Yellen on Wednesday warned millions of Americans to scrupulously monitor their credit reports following data breach at Equifax. [Read More]
A former Georgia Governor and now practicing attorney Roy Barnes filed a lawsuit against Atlanta-based Equifax following a massive cyberattack impacting millions of Americans. [Read More]
Equifax options drew an unusually large trade less than three weeks before Sept. [Read More]
Earlier this month, hackers broke into Equifax's servers and stole 143 million people's personal information, including their Social Security numbers. In response to the attack,... [Read More]
Seriously, Equifax??? [Read More]
Scams are going to start cropping up in the wake of the massive Equifax data breach. Here's how to protect yourself. [Read More]
Not master of its domain... [Read More]
The House Financial Services Committee is seeking information about certain Equifax Inc options trades made weeks before the credit reporting company disclosed a data breach,... [Read More]
The Federal Reserve is working with the banks it supervises to guard against fraudulent transactions and other potential harm stemming from the "very serious" Equifax... [Read More]
Consumers were referred to a site that mocked Equifax instead of assisting consumers. [Read More]
A white-hat hacker built the parallel domain to draw attention to the flaws of the site Equifax was using... [Read More]
It keeps getting more complicated for Equifax. The credit agency's Twitter account tweeted links on Wednesday to a fake siteĀ pretending to be Equifax, further bungling... [Read More]
In failing to correctly patch a known vulnerability and exposing the personal data of potentially 143 million Americans to hackers, Equifax made a security blunder... [Read More]
Equifax is being asked to explain how it intends to safeguard the sensitive information of more than a million U.S. servicemembers affected by its recently... [Read More]
Can you tell the difference between and One is a lookalike support page set up to teach Equifax a lesson. [Read More]
Reuters / Brendan McDermid Add another "oops" to Equifax's pile. For more than a week, company representatives have been directing consumers to a fake... [Read More]
Federal Reserve Chair Janet Yellen said Wednesday the Equifax situation was a "very serious data breach." "We would really urge consumers now to be... [Read More]
A... [Read More]
A customer support representative for credit reporting firm Equifax sent a potential victim of the recent, massive data breach suffered by the company to a... [Read More]
Equifax's Twitter account tweeted links on Wednesday to a fake site pretending to be the company's response site to a massive hack that affected 143... [Read More]