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Wednesday, September 13, 2017 at 09:07 AM
The Queen's views on Brexit may not be entirely clear although many thought her recent choice of a blue hat that looked uncannily like the... [Read More]
When Parliament returns, the first major item of business will be the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill. [Read More]
Estonia's right to refuse accreditation to Rossiya Segodnya International Information Agency journalists to cover the EU foreign ministers' meeting was reasserted at the Council of... [Read More]
to determine which are "the worst countries to eat, drink, smoke & vape in the EU". Out of 28 European countries, Finland is... [Read More]
Britain seems drifting toward Norway-style relations with European Union, but risks sparking conflict within its ruling Conservative Party... [Read More]
The chief finance minister for the euro zone emphasized his growing confidence in President Trump on Saturday, saying the president is becoming "more realistic and... [Read More]
European Union regulators are drafting rules to protect European firms with "key technologies" from foreign takeovers, EU Competition Commissioner Margrethe Vestager said. [Read More]
The European Union's budget chief says there can be no negotiations with Britain about a post-Brexit trade deal unless the two sides make progress on... [Read More]
A Palestinian terrorist organization – officially on the European Union's and the U.S. terror list – has been allowed to run in the upcoming parliamentary... [Read More]
The U.K. opposition Labour Party will seek major changes in legislation repealing laws that took Britain into the European Union four decades ago as a... [Read More]
European Union economy chief Pierre Moscovici insisted on "first things first" in deadlocked Brexit talks and left open the possibility they may fail to move... [Read More]
Russia's foreign minister has criticized a move by Moldova to call for the removal of Russian troops from a pro-Russia separatist region at an upcoming... [Read More]
Germany to veto EU-Turkey Customs Union review ... [Read More]
Trafficking in persons (TiP) and smuggling of migrants (SoM) directly affect ACP (African, Caribbean and the Pacific Group of States) countries and their European Union... [Read More]
The United Kingdom will keep improving standards and quality after it leaves the European Union, according to UK Secretary of State for Brexit David Davis. [Read More]
Britain is unlikely to secure anything but a hard customs border with the European Union after Brexit, David Davis conceded yesterday.Two weeks ago ministers an... [Read More]
The vast majority of EU citizens think that the European Union should do more in terms of countering terrorism as the bloc has been hit... [Read More]
The Centre has launched a new mobile app for facilitating farm registration, testin... [Read More]
BRUSSELS The European Union and Britain were locked Thursday in a bitter fight over the divorce bill London will have to pay on Brexit,... [Read More]
David Davis, British Secretary of State for Exiting the European Union, says he is optimistic about Britain reaching a trade agreement with the EU. [Read More]