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While figure skating's technical rigor has evolved dramatically over time, its terminology, in one significant regard, has not. [Read More]
This week marks 50 years since the first 911 call was placed in the United States. Since then, first response has come a long way,... [Read More]
Most of my"charitable"donations are made in late December. However, most of them are not for charitable purposes, that is, to assist those in need. No,... [Read More]
New research shows how vampire bats evolved to survive on a diet of blood alone. [Read More]
Duplicate copies of a gene shared by male and female fruit flies have evolved to resolve competing demands between the sexes. New genetic analysis describes... [Read More]
John Kasich strategist says governor's views 'have evolved'... [Read More]
COLUMBUS, Ohio: Ohio's Republican governor says now is the time for "common sense" on gun control, after years of touting his gun ownership rights credentials.... [Read More]
This week marks 50 years since the first 911 call was placed in the United States. Since then, first response has come a long way,... [Read More]
Its roots are in the all-ages punk scene, but the band has evolved into one of the city's most musically compelling and lyrically insightful ensembles. [Read More]
The 13th annual Lines on the Pines event, which started book signing event for Pinelands authors and has evolved into a full-blown festival of Pinelands... [Read More]
It has been 50 years since Peggy Fleming won gold at the 1968 Grenoble Olympics, dazzling judges with graceful choreography and a flawlessly executed single... [Read More]
The answers lay not in the stars but here on Earth, as the new research suggests that the way Earth's atmosphere evolved over time could... [Read More]
Menopause The Musical is a groundbreaking celebration of women who are on the brink of, in the middle of, or have survived "The Change." Now in... [Read More]
The nature of military conflicts has evolved significantly, with a potential high-tech enemy now having the ability conduct them simultaneously on the ground, in the... [Read More]
The Afghan Taliban's propaganda has evolved. [Read More]
Klein: Reflections on how golf architecture has evolved over past 30 years... [Read More]
Companies have evolved and adapted over the years to retain and add jobs. [Read More]
Check out how the uniforms have evolved throughout the history of the NBA All-Star Game! [Read More]
The Mets don't think it's such a Hail Mary anymore. General manager Sandy Alderson cranked up the team's expectations for Tim Tebow on Sunday, saying... [Read More]
By Mike Tupamtupa@examiner-enterprise.comWhat began as a calculated risk in 2008 has evolved into an unquailed success for the Bartlesville Sports Commission (BSC) and a source... [Read More]