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Alan Krueger, top economic adviser to former President Barack Obama and one of the nation's most influential labor market experts, took his own life over... [Read More]
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When a 17-year-old Lake Mary student took her own life at school earlier this month, her death underscored a tragic trend: the rising rate of... [Read More]
NASA invited the world to ask questions Friday during a live-stream of the first spacewalk of 2019, and experts may have gotten more than they... [Read More]
Record flooding across the Midwest has damaged agricultural fields and killed livestock. Farmers will face hundreds of millions of dollars worth of damage, according to... [Read More]
Ned Lamont has been governor for a little over two months but the list of big issues on his plate is long, and they're coming... [Read More]
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All it took was for technicians in a crime lab to run the fingerprints collected at the scene of a rape through a national database.... [Read More]
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After Indiana teachers were shot with pellets during an active shooter drill, a look at how training usually goes.        ... [Read More]
Much like tapping the brake pedal in a car to disengage cruise control, a sharp tug on the controls of older models of Boeing Co's... [Read More]
Kaptur spoke from Neighborhood Family Practice Pharmacy in Cleveland. [Read More]
ETHIOPIA-AIRPLANE/CONTROLS (EXPLAINER, GRAPHIC, PIX):EXPLAINER-Change to 737 MAX controls may have imperiled planes, experts say... [Read More]
While international experts meeting in Geneva clash over how to prevent an arms race in outer space, Europe is hoping that efforts to replace an... [Read More]
A new legislative task force formed to deal with water pollution began its work Wednesday, listening to state experts' presentations about the wide range of... [Read More]
Your friend is on her phone at the table. How do you tell her to put it away? "Social Graces" is a weekly series asking... [Read More]
When Gov. Kevin Stitt gave his first State of the State speech in February, he highlighted the need for change in the state's criminal justice... [Read More]
5 p.m. at no charge. Judging by faculty, postdoctoral students, and community experts wraps up at 3:45 p.m. Presenters in eight categories will be at... [Read More]
General Electric's second-best quarter since at least 1971 isn't enough to sway two Wall Street experts in favor of buying shares. [Read More]
DEVILS LAKE—"This spring will be a throwback to the good old days," said angling educator, tournament walleye pro and Devils Lake fishing guide Johnnie Candle.... [Read More]