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President Trump said "it's not too late" to fire FBI director James Comey. Senior writer at Newsweek Max Kutner joins CBSN to break down that... [Read More]
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"I have confidence in him..." [Read More]
In an interview with Maria Bartiromo on Fox Business Network, which aired on Wednesday, President Donald Trump asserted that Hillary Clinton was definitely guilty of... [Read More]
"It's not too late, but, you know, I have confidence in him. We'll see what happens." [Read More]
US President Donald Trump asked FBI Director James Comey to review US foreign fighters as directed by the 2017 defense budget, according to the statement... [Read More]
Getty Images It's been 83 days since President Donald Trump took the oath of office, but his comments about FBI Director James Comey and Democratic... [Read More]
Getty Images It's been 83 days since President Donald Trump took the oath of office, but his comments about FBI Director James Comey... [Read More]
President Donald Trump sat down with Fox Business Network host Maria Bartiromo. [Read More]
President Donald Trump is not happy with FBI Director James Comey for not arresting former Secretary of State Hilary Clinton. In an interview with Fox... [Read More]
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Junior high and high school students in Northeast Ohio can win up to $100 for designing a poster for an FBI documentary about the dangers... [Read More]
"They'll be back," said FBI Director James Comey to the House Intelligence Committee about Russian hacking. "They'll be back in 2020. They may be back... [Read More]
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By Lee Hamilton The recent announcement by FBI Director James Comey that his agency is investigating links between members of President Trump's campaign and Russia... [Read More]
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