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Now that FBI agent Peter Strzok has appeared before Congress and told us nothing that we did not know, it is time for President Donald... [Read More]
I found the recent congressional hearing of FBI agent Peter Strzok a disgusting performance by our so-called congressional representatives. True to character, our representatives continued... [Read More]
The contentious congressional hearing, chaired by Rep. Bob Goodlatte, ("GOP Grills FBI's Strzok In Chaotic Hearing," July 13) when House and Senate members grilled FBI... [Read More]
Washington Post Associate Editor David Maraniss compares the parallels between the hearing of FBI agent Peter Strzok and those of Senator McCarthy in the 1950s.... [Read More]
Democratic Congresswoman Bonnie Watson Coleman of New Jersey says the hearing for FBI agent Peter Strzok was "a farce … a deflection" and the "worst... [Read More]
FBI agent Peter Strzok's testimony last week before the House Judiciary and Oversight Committees reminded me of that old warhorse of college freshman composition,... [Read More]
When Louie Gohmert, the Republican from Texas, jabbed a forefinger at FBI Agent Peter Strzok during last week's House Judiciary Committee hearings and asked, "How... [Read More]
Peter Strzok, the former deputy assistant director of the Counterintelligence Division of the FBI, testified on July 12 before two House Committees. In his opening... [Read More]
Firefighter turned con artist Mark Taylor and fake medical scam artist Bill Deagle got together and agreed that Trump's critics, especially FBI agent Peter Strzok... [Read More]
Disgraced FBI agent Peter Strzok's Congressional Testimony revealed inherent bias, mendacity and corruption within the FBI's Counterintelligence... [Read More]
'The deception, the lies...'... [Read More]
(Washington Examiner) Rep. Louie Gohmert, R-Texas, said Tuesday that former FBI lawyer Lisa Page has been more helpful than FBI agent Peter Strzok when it... [Read More]
President Donald Trump said Monday that his predecessor had to know FBI Agent Peter Strzok was biased against the Trump campaign. "You have to find... [Read More]
(Washington Times) The lengths to which the FBI relied on the Hillary Clinton opposition research dossier to investigate her political rival came into sharper focus... [Read More]
I watched this televised hearing with FBI agent Peter Strzok in full. I can't recall, but I believe the hardworking taxpayers have to foot the... [Read More]