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As an eighth-grader, Osman Gomez of Freeport had more than the usual amount of teenage angst, he said as he spoke to a room full... [Read More]
A 17-year-old girl is in custody after stabbing two teenagers during a large fight, which involved up to 15 teens, in Freeport. [Read More]
Months ago, Sister Mary Theonilla "Theo" Chukwa would walk the hollowed floors of the Madonna Renewal Center, look up at cracks in the old paint... [Read More]
The Freeport School District has hired a collection company to deal with the $15,000 in delinquent lunch accounts accrued by students. [Read More]
POST 202'S Isaak Flaming scores in the second inning as Post 86 United catcher Wade Sansone attempts to field the throw as pitcher Luke Waeldner... [Read More]
Maine residents will have another gubernatorial candidate to consider this November. Alan Caron of Freeport has officially kicked off his... [Read More]
On Monday, June 18, from 3:00 to 4:00pm, Michael Perry, from Freeport, explores the beauty and history of Maine's largest city with photos from one... [Read More]
Freeport Area school board has hired a company to collect past due student food bills. Credittech Inc. will begin work in August to recover about... [Read More]
Four Parkland, Florida, teens journeyed to Freeport Tuesday to honor the life of teacher Scott J. Beigel and help raise money for a charity in... [Read More]
Milledgeville Community Credit Union and Cornerstone Credit Union, which is based in Freeport, have announced its plan to merge. [Read More]
Thinking about a quick getaway to The Bahamas? USA TODAY's latest Cruise Ship Tour offers a deck-by-deck look at the 1,680-passenger Grand Classica — a... [Read More]
The three highest-priced home sales in Freeport last month ranged from $465,000 to $585,000. [Read More]
The city normally relies on donations and corporate sponsorships to fund the majority of Kidfest, but this year those numbers have slipped, Freeport officials said. [Read More]
Freeport School District's Butler County homeowners will pay about $62 to $70 more in the next tax year after the school board approved a 2018-19... [Read More]
Jessica Eshenbaugh began getting serious about finding a college during her sophomore year in high school, researching schools that offered her intended major. Carnegie Mellon... [Read More]
An untested Kai O'Connor left Freeport last October. Many adventures later, he's back. [Read More]
It was a great day for Freeport Saturday, Councilman Brooks Bass said, as the city dedicated its new splash park to its residents. [Read More]
Brainerd Dispatch FREEPORT—Austin Dickman went 2-for-3 for the Pierz Bulldogs who were defeated 9-1 by the Freeport Black Sox in a rain-shortened Victory League game... [Read More]
There are 29 days until the first pitch of the 24th annual Freeport International Baseball Invitational, and organizers have more questions than they do answers... [Read More]
County commissioners unanimously approved a seven-year, 100 percent tax abatement if the proposed $715 million polyethylene plant is placed at the Dow Texas Operations site... [Read More]