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Just because some of the components aren t all that expensive doesn t mean implementing 3D facial recognition comes cheap For example the vertical cavity... [Read More]
Scientists have invented a baseball cap that can trick facial recognition tech into thinking you're someone else entirely. The hi-tech headwear uses laser dots to... [Read More]
Apple published a new ad for its iPhone X last week, demonstrating the new Face ID unlock feature. It also demonstrated a relatively minor iOS... [Read More]
You're going down, Face ID. Researchers from Fudan University in China, the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Indiana University, and Alibaba Inc. have created a... [Read More]
UIDAI tells Supreme Court that it would benefit people with poor biometrics... [Read More]
At least one of Apple's 2018 iPad Pro range may share a look and several features with the new iPhone X, including minimal screen bezels... [Read More]
Android phones won't get comparable 3D tech until 2019, industry insiders estimate. [Read More]
Apple Apple launched its Face ID feature with its iPhone X in September 2017. The iPhone X wasn't the first smartphone to have... [Read More]
Facebook under pressure after Cambridge Analytica data deal goes south, Android phones may take a while to equal Apple's Face ID, Atari's 'Ataribox' retro console... [Read More]
Good news for Apple. [Read More]
Apple's lauded and sometimes controversial Face ID tech has gained it a two-year lead on similar tech on Android phones, according to statements from suppliers... [Read More]
Apple has a great new spot supporting a single feature of its iPhone X, Face ID Unlock. That is, you look at your phone and... [Read More]
If a new report is to be believed, Samsung and other Android phone makers would need more time to catch up with Apple's pretty advanced... [Read More]
That's according to three major parts producers that spoke to Reuters. Apple's introduction of Face ID, and its total abandonment of the Touch ID fingerprint reader,... [Read More]
Most Android phones will have to wait until 2019 to duplicate the 3D sensing feature behind Apple's Face ID security. [Read More]
Most Android phones will have to wait until 2019 to duplicate the 3D sensing feature behind Apple's Face ID security, three major parts producers have... [Read More]
Samsung's recently released Galaxy S9+ comes with a new Intelligent Scan biometric security feature that essentially combines Face Recognition and Iris Scanning technology seen in... [Read More]
Apple has a new commercial out showing off Face ID on the iPhone X. If you look closely at the end you can spot an... [Read More]
Apple's iPhone SE 2 will feature Face ID and dual cameras, shady leak claims... [Read More]
Blink and you'll miss the iOS 11 bug in Apple's latest smartphone ad. The commercial, released on Friday, highlights the power of Face ID on... [Read More]